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Nah nah...let me stop. Let's keep it all the way hip-hop...

Some more of that old boom bap I actually forgot about until I heard Jazzy Jeff spinnin it last week @ The Block Party and nearly broke my neck snappin...

Til Death Do Us Part...

If all goes as planned, when you make your rounds tomorrow and check, things will prolly look slightly different around this piece.

But nothing's gonna change.

There will still be a Smoking Session up on Sunday, again, this week with DJ Drama of The Aphiliates ("Draa-mmmattiiccc!!!").

We'll still be hip-hop.

And I would craft a nice post today, but we're kinda busy and I'm still "injured" as Crazy likes to say.

Nonetheless, we figured we'd do one more nice chunky drop in honor of our time here @ Blogger.

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Stray Shots

Bounty Killer - The Best Of Bounty Killer [Bonus Tracks]

The Game - Stop Snitching, Stop Lying

Canibus-2000 B.C.

Chaundon - Live From The 718

Greatest Hits of Red Hot Chili Peppers

Lil Wayne - The W Carter Collection Vol. 1

Lil Wayne - The W Carter Collection Vol. 2

Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana - Blow

Cortex - Troupeau Bleu

Visionaries- Galleries

MF Grimm - Mad Flows

Teena Marie - The Quiet Storm Collection

Pete Rock - Underground Classics

Jedi Mind Tricks - Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell

Talib Kweli & MosDef - Blackstar

Sly and the Family Stone: There's A Riot Going On

Peanut Butter Wolf - Chrome Mix

Terminator X and the Valley of the Jeep Beets

Da Beatminerz-Brace 4 Impak

DJ Magic Mike-This is How it Should Be Done

Domino - Domino

The Lox-Money, Power, and Respect

D-12 - D-12 World

Indo G-Angel Dust

DJ Scope - Enemies on Site

Apathy - It's The Bootleg Muthafuckas Vol.1

E-40-In a Major Way

Lady Of Rage - VA 2 L.A.

Souls of Mischief-Focus

Akon - Trouble

DJ Skee and The Game - Black Wall Street Journal Vol. 1

Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana - Blow

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Music. Man.

Gangsta Grillz x TSS Collabo coming Sunday...Get Aphiliated...New Layout...Donate in the Paypal bucket...Sing a song..."Dramaatiiiicccc"....It's going down.

Respect Our Motherfuckin Fresh.


Jadakiss - Summer's Over

Daz feat. Jagged Edge - The One

Ludacris ft. Young Jeezy - Grew Up A Screw Up

Talib Kweli-Funny Money

Papoose-Prisoner of War

Busta Rhymes - In The Ghetto Rmx Feat. Rick James & Ludacris


Game - Hands Down

Chingy Feat. Three 6 Mafia - Club Getting Crowded

9.8 Loosies Download


Nina Simone - Four Women: Nina Simone Philips Recordings [4 Disc Box Set]

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Retro's Roundup

#2 DANITY KANE DANITY KANE 117,359 -50 234,341 351,981
#3 YOUNG DRO BEST THANG SMOKIN' 103,635 999 395 104,043
#4 AGUILERA*CHRISTINA BACK TO BASICS 100,740 -25 135,118 581,996
#7 OUTKAST IDLEWILD 78,074 -60 196,137 274,660
#8 METHOD MAN 4:21 THE DAY AFTER 62,070 999 205 62,282
#9 ROOTS GAME THEORY 61,097 999 117 61,221
#13 ROSS*RICK PORT OF MIAMI 42,314 -27 57,810 366,695
#14 TOO SHORT BLOW THE WHISTLE 39,901 999 148 40,051
#15 GNARLS BARKLEY ST. ELSEWHERE 39,111 -11 44,047 855,384
#16 PUSSYCAT DOLLS PCD 37,936 3 36,703 2,080,931
#20 JENNINGS*LYFE PHOENIX 33,463 -36 52,034 221,562
#26 CHERISH UNAPPRECIATED 30,681 -34 46,755 168,336
#29 YUNG JOC NEW JOC CITY 27,925 -7 29,973 663,772
#38 RIHANNA GIRL LIKE ME 22,589 -16 26,840 936,720
#43 CALDERON*TEGO UNDERDOG 21,208 999 331 21,549
#44 LETOYA LETOYA 20,927 -25 27,875 357,027
#49 FURTADO*NELLY LOOSE 20,362 -17 24,399 692,702
#51 NE-YO IN MY OWN WORDS 19,959 -17 23,939 1,264,267
#57 CASSIE CASSIE 17,736 -29 25,109 184,033
#58 KELIS KELIS WAS HERE 17,521 -70 57,917 75,611
#64 TRICE*OBIE SECOND ROUND'S ON ME 15,349 -45 27,733 117,232
#65 BEENIE MAN UNDISPUTED 14,954 999 58 15,012
#66 PHARRELL IN MY MIND 14,879 -22 19,182 281,560
#72 INDIA.ARIE TESTIMONY:VOL.1 14,094 -13 16,243 439,235
#76 BROWN*CHRIS CHRIS BROWN 13,203 1 13,024 1,533,121
#80 DMX YEAR OF THE DOG AGAIN 12,261 -31 17,708 231,818
#89 T.I. KING 11,366 11 10,233 1,464,339
#93 BUSTA RHYMES BIG BANG THE 10,461 -13 11,979 525,927
#100 CHAMILLIONAIRE SOUND OF REVENGE 9,582 0 9,590 1,167,172

Young Dro
, as stated earlier, is nice with it. Yeah, the album cover might be a little "ignant" but the album is dope and Dro is holding it down with decent numbers. Gold here he comes!

Jay, PLEASE stop jerkin one of the most talented artists on your label. Meth's album is ill beyond a doubt, and very well rounded. How this dropped under the radar is beyond me.

And what's good with dropping The Roots without any shine? C'mon duke. Them crackers at Jive may not be playing fair, but something fishy is up at Def Jam as well. President Carter spending too much time fuckin Rihanna I suppose.

When asked about how Jay-Z was handling things in the executive position, LL Cool J had these words: "Jay-z is great at promoting Jay-z." Take it how you want it, but I'd have to agree.

Too Short's album won't even be seeing copper anytime soon. Sorry Don Poppa. Oh how I long for the Cocktails days...

Good god, Beenie Man ain't selling shit, and I love me that dancehall (Dutty Wine, holla). Him not doing big teengs I say.

That's all for now, Retro signing off once again till next week.

Outty 5000

We need...

Two writers.

Primarily to help us with Smoking Sessions...which means, yes, you get to interview rappers and rhythm and blues artists.

Some journalstic experience preferred but not totally neccessary. You just have to be willing to go hard and have time available.

Is This You?


Nina Simone - Four Women: Nina Simone Philips Recordings [4 Disc Box Set]

Stray Shots

The Top 100 Greatest Rap Songs [4CD] [1995-2005]

Cutmaster C - You Got Punked! Volume 1

Big Mike - This Is Why I?m Hot Part 2

DJ Kay Slay Presents Vein - The Golden Child

The Game - The Documentary II (Feel My Pain)

T.I. - Im Serious

Talib Kweli - The beautiful struggle

Tego Calderon - The Underdog El Subestimado

Agallah The Don Bishop - You Already Know

Organized Konfusion-Stress: The Extinction Agenda

KMD-Black Bastards

Murs-Murs is My Best Friend

Andre Nickatina & Equipto-Horns and Halos

Yaggfu Front-Action Packed Adventure

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Time Is Money has a release date, 11.14.06. Let's hope we finally get the album because it's been highly anticipated...and we'll finally see for sure if Fif runs Interscope or not.

"Who Wanna Problem"

Ride with me shorty while i let this shoulder lean play
White people like me
I'm on MTV with Green Day
Green ice, green K
Packers like the Green Day
King aggin
Plan birthday on Martin Luther King Day
Yeah I got a Charger but i'm whippin out a Stingray
Just cause i overseas swimmin round a stingray
Rollin off a MLK
Might be lookin mean okay
I ain't really mad I'm just grindin on my teeth okay
Chevy paint tropical, ohweemaway ohweemaway.. connect so sweet
Jacob watch on eBay...

Young Dro - Gangsta Shit

T.I's been touting Dro as his retirement plan.

While I won't go that far, he's a far better bet than Bleek.

Day One is pretty smoking and full of tracks. Extra vivid wordplay and the joint is driven by hounding beats. He'll just need to expand his content in order to experience longevity.

Talib Kweli - Listen

We need...

Two writers.

Primarily to help us with Smoking Sessions...which means, yes, you get to interview rappers and rhythm and blues artists.

Some journalstic experience preferred but not totally neccessary. You just have to be willing to go hard and have time available.

Is This You?


Nina Simone - Four Women: Nina Simone Philips Recordings [4 Disc Box Set]

3 Days Until The New...

You've Come A Long Way Baby!

The saga continues but we're reaching a certain point in our journey

We started out the summer with a few "goals" that we wanted to accomplish.

1. Increase our daily visitor average - Check...From 4K to a little over 5K in less than 2 months.

2. Create a mailing list - Check...300+ members. Sign up. Goodies are there.

3. Do two months of consecutive Sundays of Smoking Sessions - Check...7 out of 8 down, with only Sunday to go.

And we've got TWO left to go...

4. Create a new layout and get on our own server

5. Get a Smoking Session with DJ Drama aka The Ipod King aka Mr. Thanksgiving

With P out globetrotting, Sunday might seem like a longshot given that it's Wednesday but we like going against the grain and aiming high. She's a perfectionist and a visionary so what started out as a month project has gone on for a good three months. Why? Because we're always picturing new shit that should be included and used.

Now when we started out the summer, we were peons. We still are. So at the time, I don't even know if anybody in The Crew thought we could get thirty seconds with Drama.

Well, stranger things have happened in this life. And, I don't think any of us have ever backed down challenges, online or off.

So on Tuesday, were lucky enough to get Drama to break bread with us for a few minutes so check for that on Sunday. (I owe you J***ise! The flowers are on the way as promised)

Contrary to popular belief...

1. I do not do this alone.

2. None of us get paid. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

So I wanted to give respect and credit to the cats who put up with my barking and ranting. They've weathered the storms and chased the rainbow with us without fail.

Crazy Baby - You'll never see her but she keeps it poppin and us movin forward...

P aka Pauwee aka Paulie Fingers aka Ms. Harris aka "my love" - Nuff said...

Nquestii aka Lil Marc - son got the binary code in his fingertips...

Retro aka Yong Jeezy - Silent but deadly. Dude is seriously my ace in this shit...

Cameloti Bulgari aka Russian Mafioso aka CS.SA - Pen game on vicious...

Drew Ricketts - The abstract poetic...

Holla @ Mitch aka Mitchell K - Another cat you'll never see but he's choppin up game with me daily...

Yikes! aka AWalsh - Rookie of the year potential...

K aka The sexy chick you see posin for alot of pics - "Wait til you see my..."

CIPH4 aka Ciph aka The Smart Guy aka Ashy Knucks - Son been down for years handling all the PS and html shit I can't handle...

Mohannesburg aka Moe Dog - The music you get? Thank him for the links...

DENEIRE aka It's Dre Day
- Dre brings it day in and day out with the links...without fuckin fail.

K1NG aka Lil Cam - "The Young Gunna"...

Stereotee aka MyTSharp - Part of the braintrust...

Neil Diamonds aka The 206King - Unsung member who's always passin underground music, mixtapes, old school, culutural info, fashion name it, he's got a hand in it...

BFO aka Big Fame One - The other member of the 206 Collective who's been down cowboyin shit w/me for years...

Dally aka Dally's A Beast - You just don't really know about this dude lol...

You - What you thought we were doing this shit for ourselves lol? Nah, we like bringin it daily and you provide the audience and keep spreading the word.

If I forgot your name, charge it to my head and not my heart...

Don't worry, we're already settin new goals for the fall/winter...respect our motherfuckin fresh

New Layout Coming(crosses fingers)




More Stray Shots

M.O.P.-First Family 4 Life

Murs & Slug - Felt...A Tribute to Christina Ricci

Canibus-Rip the Jacker

Canibus-MiClub: The Curriculum

Radiohead - Unplugged: The Complete Sessions

Atmosphere - Best of Headshots 1 - 6

Lil Wayne - The Carter 2.5

Lil Wayne - The Carter II

Lil Wayne - The Suffix

A_Hippity_Hop_Experience_Love_Songs_Part _1

Missy Elliott - Respect M.E (Best Of)

M.O.P - Ghetto Warfare


Young Buck, DJ Spin, DJ Whoo Kid - Best of G-Unit Radio Young Buck Edition



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4 Days Until The New...

Much Ado...

I'm stuck @ the house today because of an eye I don't have a lot of words. But we do have video to share :)

Video Footage of 10th Anniversary Of Jay's Reasonable Doubt

Click to download

"Yea that tuxedo might have been a little Guido, but with my ego I can stand there in a speedo, and be looked at like a fuckin hero..."


Video footage of Kanye in Seattle on Sunday

stray shots

Pete Rock - Soul Survivor 2

Digable Planets - Reachin': A New Refutation Of Time And Space

Atmosphere - Headshots Se7en

O.C - Jewelz

VA - Pure Acoustic (2006)

Madlib - Movie Scenes

Madlib - Shades Of Blue

Evanesence - The Open Door

Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy - Best of The Blocks

Lil Wayne - The Carter

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4 Days Until The New...

One Hundred Percent Independent...

...I'm the fuckin boss
The only unsigned brother with a quotable in The Source
The hood is not stupid, we know the mathematics
I made double what I would going gold on Atlantic
But EMI, Sony BMG, Interscope would never sign a rapper with the White House in a scope
They push pop music like a religion, anorexic celebrity driven, financial fantasy fiction
Contradiction cause the life we was given resembles life in prison, FED time with Manuel Noriega
The real Noriega who did America a hundred favors with contras, the ? and the CIA
Movin Escobar's coke through the MIA
This is the third world speakin, to a dead man walkin
And everybody talkin bout the south's taking over
It's true mutherfucker but it's coming over the border
Fuck your chain, my people will kill you for water
Fuck fans brotha, I got soldiers supporters
That'll cut your throat if you strapped with a tape recorder
That's right mutherfucker, welcome to the new world order
Where truth is always censored by corporate reporters
The government runs the drug politics on the corner
That's why I never stress rappers and their employers
I'll put a bag over his fuckin head and torture your lawyer
Cause it's too simple to shoot ya, i'll taser the roof of ya mouth or electrocute ya
I'll root you out with the ruger, the German luger, U-boat and the troops in the scuba
Brotha you can't overthrow me like the island of Cuba
Brotha's will never find ya body like the bitch in Aruba
And i'll maneuver through the state department and their friends
With secret deals like the Nazi's in IBM
And now you know this ain't a trend or a fashion
This is my life and my passion, fuck tryin to cash in
I need more than advancements and a rented mansion
So while you little house brothas are singin and dancin
I'll kill you and take your land like an Israeli expansion

For those that don't know, Immortal Technique is a Harlem rapper born in Peru. He's one hundred percent independent, which means he releases all his music himself. No distribution deal with Koch or anything like that. And this song is a good indication of why he does it himself. Because he says some REAL shit. For those of you out there (I know you're there) that aren't too busy making ya shoulder lean, you should definitely check this dude out. He's released two albums (Revolutionary Vol. 1 and 2) and is in the middle of prepping his next release called The Middle Passage. If this song does anything for you, you should definitely spend the cash to cop his other albums. For any further info on Immortal Technique, you can check out his website at Preach!!

Words by Kye Stephenson - Contact Kye

Stray shots



New England's Finest Mixtape Mixed by DJ OGB

Lupe Fiasco - Lupe The Jedi

Wild Pitch Classics

Bushwick Bill – Little Big Man

WC & Maad Circle – Ain’t a Damn Thang Changed

Above the Law – Uncle Sam’s Curse

2 Live Crew – As Nasty as They Wanna Be

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Mecca & The Soul Brother

Pete Rock - Soul Survivor

Digable Planets - Beyond The Spectrum (The Creamy Chronicles)

Def Jam Box Set

Atmosphere - Headshots Five

Atmosphere - Headshots Six

Lil Wayne - Mixtape Legend

Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana - My Hood Your Hood

2nd II None - 2nd II None

MF Grimm - Mad Flows

Diamond D - Stunts, Blunts, Hip Hop

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5 Days Until The New...

Facelift Best Served Cold

Blessed be the hip-hop student who takes his music travails seriously, for it is he who will uncover the absolute truths surrounding us -- that aren't truly in plain view. Example: Rappers are not always what they say they are. Furthermore, rappers aren't always what they believe they are either so it can be a thorny issue to prod one about what he thinks he is, and how that might compare to what he actually is.

I'm getting high-minded here, but the brotherhood of rapkind is replete with contradictions. I listen to Dipset and sport white shorties on the arm. Team Facelift is the New York rap group that understands how entertaining these clashes can be and their upcoming album Mixed Emotions is the nod to that. We chopped it up in yet another cloudy, cough-inducing room for a chess match between the self-aware.

I entered the room of FatJew, Team Facelift's mascot of sorts, by stepping over a dog gate. He's a beast with unkempt fro and oddball sense of humor. He greeted me with excitement saying it was good to link. Alden and Machine make up the rest of this group of Upper Crust rappers, raised in the better parts of Manhattan island. "People think because we're from the Upper East and West Side, that we don't really do this shit...or that to us it's a joke." Funny thing is, they have made it a joke where they intend for the last laugh. Here's a few clips from my meeting with Team Facelift of New York City...

Team Facelift On Lyrics

Alden: There's too much metaphor. A lot of dudes wanna be this lyrical assassin. I think that's wack. Too many lyrical assassins out there.

Machine: Don't get it twisted, though. That's why we do this. I think we'd be clowns if we didn't pay attention to our lyrics...that's what this shit is about.

FatJew On Mixed Emotions

FatJew: We named [the album] this because it's like the feeling you get when you look in the mirror and say 'That guy's cute. No homo.' Or when you have a orgy with some sluts that leads to your crew coppin' Valtrex in the aftermath. Or when you wonder why you rap...

Alden: Right at the tip of [both] the Glamor Life and being totally pathetic. Say what you feel 'cause rap isn't all about ice and stuntin' hard but that's what rappers present to you. We wanted to show both sides of the story.

Machine: We're from good families and we lived on the Upper East and Upper West Side when we grew up but that doesn't mean we don't get down for ours.

Team Facelift On Authenticity

Machine: A while ago "Mass Appeal" magazine had us to a photoshoot and we're hyped thinking 'this is gonna be good for us' but they had us posing in clothes like us being rappers was a joke. You can't knock the publicity but it's like c'mon...

Alden: There's a lot of creativity in what we do but it seems only a certain amount of that is allowed [in hip-hop] so we are careful to remember that people view us a white rappers when we come on stage.

FatJew: And there's a point in our stage -- it's almost too wild out -- when you can be saying 'this is life-changing shit and I love it' or 'pause. what the fuck are these guys doing? that shit is stupid?'

Machine: We're poking fun at all the cliches in rap but being ourselves at the same time. It's the same as [the verse] embellishing how good you are. Everything we say in our songs really happened...getting girls coked up, I keep it real about that. That line in "Only 17" 'I took her home and fucked her on a bed of lyrics,' that really happened.

FatJew: I'm definitely eating brunch in the tub with my turban on and I do think thick turtlenecks are the jumpoff.

Team Facelift On Hip-Hop Shows

Alden: We never play at underground hip hop shows. Everyone kind of stands around with their heads in their hands waiting for you to impress them.

FatJew: The music is for you to get the fuck up and dance not for you to nod your head or be like 'ohhhh.' Casual rap fans and music fans don't want that. It's a different scene.

Several blunts in, I'm started to feel like I get these guys. Beyond the fresh beats and outrageous lyrics exists a need to set the group apart from the stale shit so often in the underground suggestion box. And no one uses rap as an instrument of satire or irony so I recognize the originality in taking this bold step at the risk of seeming too image-conscious. But the phrase "take yourself too seriously" begins to appear more often than not, leading me to believe (on some Mixed Emotions shit) that they do take themselves seriously. Unlike the gimmicky rappers flooding the scene with too much disregard for the form, they have managed to keep some of the rudiments of dopeness intertwined with outwardly silly behavior.

Team Facelift On Taking It Back

FatJew: We wanna take it back to Dinkins-era shit. Like when the Mets were still good...when you could still get beat up for rockin' certain shit.

Machine: Before New York was all cute and clubby.

Alden On Selling the Album

Alden: We're making the music for 17-year-old girls because, fuck what you heard, they're the ones buying the music. They may not be all 'hiphoppedout' but they're the ones dancing to the shit.

Good point. Except the fact that I'm feeling the shit too. I have heard their music and think that it's both danceable and good for rap. Even in the face of people in my immediate circle questioning why I endorse these guys when they've started beef with Immortal Technique, fired their former manager Ben Lyons as he stoked his rise to Hollywood Status and pissed off every legit rap group in their path, I can only say listen to the music.

Fireside Tracks from TF: "Only 17" "Dippin' Chicken" "Mixed Emotions" can all be found on You can also check out the link to their video "Sexual Perversions."


Not to be an ass but this was bound to happen the way guy pushed the envelope. Respect due though because he entertained alot of us for years...and I may have actually learned something about reptiles. God bless the dead.

Voyage to Atlantis...Attica?

The percentage of crappy music in the world just increased tenfold. But at least those who have fans and a following can make dough w/o having to go thru the majors...

Clip: Lil Wayne responds to Gillie Da Kid, Luda clarifies "War With God"

stray shots

DJ Whoo Kid & Lloyd Banks - Best Of G-Unit Radio (Lloyd Banks Edition)

Chino Xl - Warning Mixtape


Littles-Reloaded Mixtape

Beretta 9-Official Mixtape vol 1

Crooked I - Young Boss Volume 2-Presented By DJ Skee

DJ Burn One & Big Kuntry King: Cocaine

Rhian Benson - Gold Coast

Why Do Fools Fall In Love OST

VA-Urban Renewel: Songs By Phil Collins

Hi-Five - Greatest Hits

Roots Manuva - Alternately Deep

2pac Live

Atmosphere - Headshots Four

Digable Planets - Blowout Comb

Immortal Technique - 13 Amendments

Girl Talk - Night Ripper

Lil Wayne - Hustle Nomics President Carter

Lil Wayne - Lights Out

DJ Shadow - The Outsider

K-Salaam & Beatnick - The World Is Ours

Lupe Fiasco - Trials and Tribulations - Mixtape Vol. 1

DJ Rhude Presents Jay-Z - B.C. (Before The ROC)

Large Professor - Resurrect - Xtra (the P.requel)

A.I.D.S - America Is Dying Slowly

Chad Muska - MuskaBeatz

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6 Days Until The New...

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With The Strange Fruit Project

There's power in words and even more power in the names that we take on. Taking on the name of the 1939 song performed by Billie Holiday, which focused on black men being lynched throughout the south at a time when people of color had not rights in the United States, is a weighty task unto itself. More black men were lynched in Waco in the early 1900’s than anywhere in the U.S. So it's only right that this triumvarate of MC's with unique abilities and common perspective adapt the moniker The Strange Fruit Project and represent their brand of hip-hop and their region.

And they've lived up to it, recieving critical acclaim and climbing the ranks, raising from The Source's Unsigned Hype, then as Symbolyc Elementz, to their current album The Healing featuring fellow Texan Erykah Badu, producers 9th Wonder and Illmind.

We, specifically Cam, said amongst ourselves that we wanted to get @ these dudes a few months ago. And through the course of events, they seemingly fell into our hands. Lucky enough to get a few minutes with them for a phone convo, The Strange Fruit Project breaks down their place in the current hip-hop landscape, how they got here and where they plan to go.

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With The Strange Fruit Project

Words By Cameloti Bulgari

TSS: Who do we have right now?

S1: You got S1 [Symbolic One] and Myth.

TSS: Who are we missing?

S1: Myone (pronounced my-own)

TSS: Ya'll in Arizona right now?

S1: Naw, we in Texas

TSS: You finished the West Coast leg of a tour, right?

S1: Correct. Arizona [was] the first leg of the tour out there.

TSS: How was the reception in L.A.?

S1: It was mind-blowing. It was a great experience man--while we're on the road in the middle of our tours--the album released, and the feedback's been amazing. Big up to the people supporting the product.

TSS: You hit up the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival earlier this summer? That was
your first time performing in NY? What was it like rockin a NY audience?

Myth: That experiece was phenomenal. Man. I mean, first of all we were around a bunch of legends. From Big Daddy Kane to Buckshot Shorty. To rock in front of a NY crowd was just crazy. That's the birthplace of hip-hop.

TSS: Musically, what's your inspiration coming into the rap game?

S1: We're all pretty low-key humble guys, we have families and stuff. Me, personally, I would have to say my family in general; and just to be able to inspire and motivate people through our music, that's the diamond. I vibe off to a lot of old 70's and 60's music, some old jazz. Even like some new school stuff. Different genres. I'm kind of
all over the place.

Myth: Pretty much everything, except for country, dude. Specifically, Outkast--definitely an influence on me...Redman. There's so many artists that I listen to from the East Coast, West Coast, South. They all influenced me.

Listen To "Get Live" Featuring Erykah Badu

TSS: What trips me out is that ya'll from Waco. And coming from the East Coast, when I think of Waco, I just think of white people burning.

S1: [Laughs]

TSS: How did ya'll go from Waco, TX to here and now? Is there some kind of rap scene there?

S1: To be honest with you man, we had a dream and an idea, and we pretty much just acted on it. There's really no type of hip-hop scene in Waco, TX. We had a whole crew down there of like 8 to 9 members and within our crew we would just feed off each other. I guess living in Waco, it kinda gave us a good work ethic because we had to overcome a lot of stereotypes. People tend to look at you kind of strange and funny, so all we had was each other to create and build and get to where we are now.

Myth: The thing about Waco is it's a small city. As far as hip-hop, I watched a lot of videos. We had "Rap City", "Yo! MTV Raps" stuff like that, and then the radio. That's where I got most of my hip-hop from. Then we had Geto Boys and UGK, so that's how it all started here; and then we just kind of grew it to our own. The majority of the people here, they listen to what you normally hear in Southern rap, you know, the typical stuff. Then what we do is kind of a little bit like Outkast.

TSS: That's a good comparison. The Healing is your 3rd full-lenght LP. The word "classic" is being attached to this. Any pressure?

S1: Really don't feel any pressure. We just steady workin to try to either boost ourselves or build more of a fanbase or spread the material more to the masses. But really, as far as pressure, man, we just doing us. The only pressure would come from how the people are receiving the product that we're putting out, but so far the feedback's been great. I have to say there's really no pressure.

Myth: Musically, there's no pressure. It's just getting out! Being heard.

TSS: How long did ya'll have to do this before you could eat off of it?

S1: Man. Dude.

Myth: 20 years. Nah. [Laughs]

S1: We been doin this for a while. As far as music, we been doin it for a long time.

Myth: 10-plus years.

S1: We started the Strange Fruit Project back in like 2001.

TSS: How old are ya'll?

S1: 30

Myth: 30

S1: Myone is 25, and Myth and I just turned 30 a couple of weeks ago.

TSS: Word, me too. It's good to see people doing they thang at that age. I notice MTV purchased some of your tracks for shows like "Run's House" and "Yo Momma".

S1: They actually licensed some of our music and also some of my tracks to be played within the broadcast.

TSS: Have you seen it? Or are they holding onto your stuff?

S1: I haven't even been keeping up with it, dude. I mean, I haven't even looked at the show, so I'm not even sure.

TSS: You grindin, doing your thing, it must be hard.

S1: Exactly.

Click The Photo To See Video Footage Of A Performance and Interview

TSS: So everyone's in a good place right now. The money's coming in? No pressure to get paid for your efforts?

S1: Aww man, there's always pressure...[Laughs]

Myth: Yeah. One thing you gotta realize, me and S1 both got families. So, it's a little different for us. We gotta make sure we financially recoupin something...getting something back.

S1: Exactly. I guess as far as that , our main thing right now is to stay busy. You got tours, you can make money off shows, you can make money off, of course, your publishing and everything. But you gotta just try to keep building so when that run out or when you get that, you can have some other stuff you ain't got paid for. I gotta stay ahead.

Myth: We ain't on Puffy level.

S1: Nah, we tryin to get there though.

TSS: Your work is along the lines of Little Brother?

S1: We get that alot. People want to put us into whatever category or compare us to the closest thing. That's a good thing. Little Brother is doing they thang. We're pretty much into the same boat. We all up-and-coming groups trying to make our stamp on this hip-hop movement.

TSS: How did ya'll hook up with 9th Wonder, Illmind and that whole camp?

S1: Basically, I hooked up with Illmind online. He hit us up one day. It was actually before Myspace. He hit me on the email through our website. And he was telling us he loved our material. We built a relationship from that. As far as 9th...Illmind and I had did a project; and Little Brother actually contributed to that project. I built a relationship with them and then got in contact with 9th and it evolved into collaborating also.

TSS: What's it feel like having someone like ?uestlove sign off on ya'll?

Myth: On that. That's beautiful, man. We grew up idolizing cats like The Roots when they was coming out. And for them to give us the stamp of approval, that's cool man, especially coming from where we come from, Waco. That's like real big.

TSS: There's a spiritual element to your music that ya'll intentionally try to infuse with your music?

S1: There's definitely a spiritual element in there. Personally, I'm a Christian so that's gonna reflect within my music. However the listener thinks [about] that, or perceives that, they can take it however they like. Our famlies raised us right and that just shows in the music.

TSS: Alright. How can people get a closer look at ya'll?

S1:, you can also check us out on Ya'll can get on there and hit us up. Send us a comment or an email and we'll try to get back to ya'll.

TSS: Alright be easy.


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Some days, you have to wonder how ill The Firm would've been if Mega Montana had stayed in the crew. I remember when this joint came as a b-side single for one of Foxy's cuts and it was a precursor of great things to come...or that should've taken place.

The Original Firm (AZ, Cormega, Foxy Brown and Nas) - La Familia (Unreleased)

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Dr. Dre - 1st Round Knockout

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Jeru The Damaja - Wrath of the Match

J Rawls Presents The Liquid Crystal Project

Dolemite - Dolemite For President

Fabolous - Street Dreams

R. Kelly - R.

Immortal Technique - The Final Passage - THE ULTIMATE COUNTDOWN (2006)

Sia (From Zero 7) - Healing Is Difficult

No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom

Amos Lee - Amos Lee

JT - FutureSex/LoveSounds

Erykah Badu - Worldwide Underground

Lil Wayne - Please Say The Baby

Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy - Leaders Of The Hood

Motion Man - Pablito's Way (PROMO)

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Lord Finesse - From The Crates...

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Royce bodied the "We Gone Make It" beat with "WhoWantIt"...

Movin across the map to the Chi, my man Runny Ray been BPS'n ever since I've known him. We been in and out of touch for a minute but when I saw DJ RPM mention a new song from an artist named Ray Swoope titled On Stone, I knew who it was off top.

It's good to reconnect. Whatup Mo? My man been on his C.R.E.A.M. thing since day one and has made his way up the ranks in this music thing so show him some love.

"Girl whatchu mean you don't recognize me? I'm only the biggest rap star in your apartment complex."

Somebody let Percy Miracles loose to create the promo for Hall Of Justus' new album, Soldier's Of Fortune.

Percy Miralces - HOJ Myspace Anthem (De Hall of Justus Promo Banger) felt like I was shotgun with Marty McFly, gettin' warped back into 80's LOL.

"We can't afford Cris/Frontin like we boycott/We on the same page, we all on one accord/Little do they know that we all came in one Accord..."

On the reals, listen to "Life Of The Party" and D-Brock's "think it over" (more on him coming soon) and feel inspired to pick up the actual album on 10.3.06. There's a contest with free goodies as well so check for it.


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The Roots - Present [Live]

Method Man - 4:21... The Day After

Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor

The Jackson 5 - Pre History-The Lost Steeltown Recordings

Bobby Brown - The Definitive Collection

Sleepy Brown - Sleepys Theme - The Vinyl Room

Gang Starr-The Moment of Truth

Joy Denalane Born and Raised

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Olesi: Fragments Of An Earth

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