The Smoking Section (Masthead) Respect Our Fresh!

You've Come A Long Way Baby!

The saga continues but we're reaching a certain point in our journey

We started out the summer with a few "goals" that we wanted to accomplish.

1. Increase our daily visitor average - Check...From 4K to a little over 5K in less than 2 months.

2. Create a mailing list - Check...300+ members. Sign up. Goodies are there.

3. Do two months of consecutive Sundays of Smoking Sessions - Check...7 out of 8 down, with only Sunday to go.

And we've got TWO left to go...

4. Create a new layout and get on our own server

5. Get a Smoking Session with DJ Drama aka The Ipod King aka Mr. Thanksgiving

With P out globetrotting, Sunday might seem like a longshot given that it's Wednesday but we like going against the grain and aiming high. She's a perfectionist and a visionary so what started out as a month project has gone on for a good three months. Why? Because we're always picturing new shit that should be included and used.

Now when we started out the summer, we were peons. We still are. So at the time, I don't even know if anybody in The Crew thought we could get thirty seconds with Drama.

Well, stranger things have happened in this life. And, I don't think any of us have ever backed down challenges, online or off.

So on Tuesday, were lucky enough to get Drama to break bread with us for a few minutes so check for that on Sunday. (I owe you J***ise! The flowers are on the way as promised)

Contrary to popular belief...

1. I do not do this alone.

2. None of us get paid. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

So I wanted to give respect and credit to the cats who put up with my barking and ranting. They've weathered the storms and chased the rainbow with us without fail.

Crazy Baby - You'll never see her but she keeps it poppin and us movin forward...

P aka Pauwee aka Paulie Fingers aka Ms. Harris aka "my love" - Nuff said...

Nquestii aka Lil Marc - son got the binary code in his fingertips...

Retro aka Yong Jeezy - Silent but deadly. Dude is seriously my ace in this shit...

Cameloti Bulgari aka Russian Mafioso aka CS.SA - Pen game on vicious...

Drew Ricketts - The abstract poetic...

Holla @ Mitch aka Mitchell K - Another cat you'll never see but he's choppin up game with me daily...

Yikes! aka AWalsh - Rookie of the year potential...

K aka The sexy chick you see posin for alot of pics - "Wait til you see my..."

CIPH4 aka Ciph aka The Smart Guy aka Ashy Knucks - Son been down for years handling all the PS and html shit I can't handle...

Mohannesburg aka Moe Dog - The music you get? Thank him for the links...

DENEIRE aka It's Dre Day
- Dre brings it day in and day out with the links...without fuckin fail.

K1NG aka Lil Cam - "The Young Gunna"...

Stereotee aka MyTSharp - Part of the braintrust...

Neil Diamonds aka The 206King - Unsung member who's always passin underground music, mixtapes, old school, culutural info, fashion name it, he's got a hand in it...

BFO aka Big Fame One - The other member of the 206 Collective who's been down cowboyin shit w/me for years...

Dally aka Dally's A Beast - You just don't really know about this dude lol...

You - What you thought we were doing this shit for ourselves lol? Nah, we like bringin it daily and you provide the audience and keep spreading the word.

If I forgot your name, charge it to my head and not my heart...

Don't worry, we're already settin new goals for the fall/winter...respect our motherfuckin fresh

New Layout Coming(crosses fingers)




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