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Time Is Money has a release date, 11.14.06. Let's hope we finally get the album because it's been highly anticipated...and we'll finally see for sure if Fif runs Interscope or not.

"Who Wanna Problem"

Ride with me shorty while i let this shoulder lean play
White people like me
I'm on MTV with Green Day
Green ice, green K
Packers like the Green Day
King aggin
Plan birthday on Martin Luther King Day
Yeah I got a Charger but i'm whippin out a Stingray
Just cause i overseas swimmin round a stingray
Rollin off a MLK
Might be lookin mean okay
I ain't really mad I'm just grindin on my teeth okay
Chevy paint tropical, ohweemaway ohweemaway.. connect so sweet
Jacob watch on eBay...

Young Dro - Gangsta Shit

T.I's been touting Dro as his retirement plan.

While I won't go that far, he's a far better bet than Bleek.

Day One is pretty smoking and full of tracks. Extra vivid wordplay and the joint is driven by hounding beats. He'll just need to expand his content in order to experience longevity.

Talib Kweli - Listen

We need...

Two writers.

Primarily to help us with Smoking Sessions...which means, yes, you get to interview rappers and rhythm and blues artists.

Some journalstic experience preferred but not totally neccessary. You just have to be willing to go hard and have time available.

Is This You?


Nina Simone - Four Women: Nina Simone Philips Recordings [4 Disc Box Set]

3 Days Until The New...

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