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In My Mind...

...Pharrell flopped. No other way around it.


1 LETOYA LETOYA 164,802 999 536 165,346
2 NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL MUSIC VOL. 22-NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL 150,803 -27 207,004 755,969
3 PHARRELL IN MY MIND 141,815 999 366 142,194
4 PETTY*TOM HIGHWAY COMPANION 112,439 999 270 112,777
5 GNARLS BARKLEY ST. ELSEWHERE 53,846 2 52,829 615,061
6 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL SOUNDTRACK 46,607 -10 52,004 2,820,632
7 RIHANNA GIRL LIKE ME 46,053 2 45,356 776,784
8 FURTADO*NELLY LOOSE 44,585 -6 47,550 549,840
9 PUSSYCAT DOLLS PCD 44,161 2 43,416 1,885,499
10 RASCAL FLATTS ME AND MY GANG 43,703 -13 50,012 2,194,260

Letoya's fine ass comes in first this week, which aint saying much in comparison considering it's been a slow week for releases. Hopefully she'll go gold because I think she's pretty talented and she's blazing right now with the right mix of singles and collabos to highlight her album and make it alluring to buy.

done dropped a doodoo brick on the music industry. I haven't gave the album a spin, but I thought his "Number One" single woulda taken him further than third. Guess people are getting sick of son's falsetto voice, those wack ass Ice Creams, and the ridiculously fugazi jewelry.

The boy Young Joc slips just out of the top 10, but he'll still go gold as most people predicted. Someone please tell him that no one believes that the mansion is his in the "I Know You See It" video.

In other Billboard news, underground favorites Jurassic 5 (of Jayou and Improvise fame) dropped this past week, earning just under 34,000 sales.

UK songstress Corinne Bailey Rae is real real close to 200,000 sales at slot #19.

DTP.... aww man © Kay Slay.... Strong singles...unfortunately shitty album sales. Field Mob and Shawnna collectively can't sell more than 250,000. Damn shame because Field is dope and the album is enjoyable.

Someone PLEASE show more love to the boy Donnell Jones. The dude can sing his ass off, as shown in his previous albums. And his new shit is decent as well.

Shoutout to the Isleys for doing their thing with Baby Makin Music, ringing up 309k.

Last and definitely least, is Rhymefest. I thought "Fever" was a decent joint, but G.O.O.D music definitely ain't doing something right. Mr. West better think of something for his next artist in the lineup. 26,000 albums ain't looking good for the braggadocious MC. Rhyme better work on a "Brand New" album.

And for the critics of the Soundscan post, calm down. We're not equating album sales to skills. We're just giving folks out there a feel for what their artists are doing. We're also reminding you if you want to show your support for particular artists or groups, go buy the works they produce.

All the blurbs herein contained in the post are the opinions of Retro and thereby regarded as truth. Have a nice day.

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Gangsta Blac-74 Minutes of Bump

De La Soul-De La Soul is Dead

GZA-Liquid Swords

DJ Phonetic-Def vs. Doom

Jakki da Motamouth-God vs. Satan

EPMD-Strictly Business

Q-Tip - Live At The Renaissance [Advance-2006]

Big Mike And DJ Diggz - Cruel Summer 2k6 Pt. 3 Presents - 'Best Of 2005

Jay-Z & Nas - God's Black

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