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Friend Or Foe, State Ya Biz...

Let's backtrack and look, amusingly, @ one of the most hilarious moments in recent hip-hop radio history...

Quotables include...

Jim Jones - We da Sizzurp boys, quarta billion, you ain't heard?! That's you on the line Betha?! IS THAT'CHU BETHA!??

Mase - I'm gonna pray for you Jimmy

Jim - Don't pray for me!

Mase - God forgive Jimmy....Wowwwww...

Jim Jones - Jim Jones, Capo, kufi smacka, goonie goo goo, Jim Jones Album out August 4th

Mase - WOW august 24th....Look what happened[

Cam'ron - You a reverend on radio tellin lies

Lupe Fiasco feat. Jill Scott - Daydream

Watch the robot do the robot...

On a more serious tip, if we don't respect the culture...

...No one else will either.

If you don't know that pic or the significance of it, then perhaps you should definitely check the article, "NY Times Style Magazine commits 'never forgive action'."

Keeping with the whole 9th Wonder thing of ours rollin, here's something that we stumbled across...

9th Wonder Sample Lesson Mix Vol. 1

9th Wonder Sample Lesson Mix Vol. 2

There's eight volumes that were found and we'll up prolly two per day for your listening pleasure...


Anybody holding The Roots - Pre-Game [EP]?

If so, please post it in the comments or email it (

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