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Dear Andre...

Return of the gangsta, thanks ta'
Them n....s that get the wrong impression of expression
Then the question is Big Boi- what's up with Andre?
Is he in a cult? Is he on drugs? Is he gay?
When y'all gon' break up? When y'all gon' wake up?
N…a I'm feelin' better than ever, what's wrong with you?
You, get down!”

I’m addressing this to Andre Benjamin (not Andre3000), the man that was half of the best hip hop group of the 90's. And keep in mind, this comes from someone who grew up ridin high in the scraper to your music for the past decade. This is aint comin from no nut-huggin, punk motherfucka.

Cut that loud mess off.

It's like the scene in the record store where they talkin bout “Man what? I thought that was ya boy? Thought them was ya folk?” and I aint tryin to get that new OutKast neither.

This is in regards to the guitar playin, women’s wig wearin, actin ass, solo singer who has been most recently responsible for the ridiculous “Idlewild Blues.” You might also remember him from his appearances in “Hey Ya!” of the “Love Below” and who could forget him from his role in “Four Brothers” with Marky Mark. I can’t wait until you star in Andre 3000 presents Big Boi from the group formerly known as OutKast in their feature film “Purple Rain 2: Idlewild.” Can’t even smoke like that no more to the new shit.

Get Down!

I ain't got the wrong impression of the expression here, I understand that you gotta come provocative with mad, spine tingling styles. But “Liberation,” “Synthesizer” and “Spottieottiedopealicious” were exploration of so many directions that were fresh and creative. Whatever happened to doing it for hip hop? OutKast has always been beyond the traditional, boom-bap sound and style, which is what made Aquemini such a successful adventure opposed to the sonically stagnant Stankonia. I aint even gonna get into The Love Below, just remember what you been told…

“I met a gypsy and she hipped me to some life game
To stimulate then activate the left and right brain
Said baby boy you only funky as your last cut
You focus on the past your ass'll be a has-what…”

I call for A Return of the Gangsta. You have the potential to live up to your claim to King on “Mighty O,” but you cannot claim an empty throne. Your last verse made the world stand still. When you rhyme, people listen. But watching you play Prince is like watching Jordan play baseball.

OutKast is able to reach beyond strictly hip-hop audience with the group’s collective success. You and Big Boi could be the undisputed heavyweight champs, the Tyson and Ali of this rap shit, bigger than yall ever been or could ever get as solos. But if you wanna synthesize I empathize.

To be honest, I heard that Pimp Trick Gansta Clique album is gonna be that fiyah though, while ya'll are floating in a boat up shit’s creak. It’s weak.




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