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Quick backstory.

DJ Neil Armstrong... his crew is 5th Platoon DJ's.

One of the five members of crew is Kuttin Kandi.

Kandi recently got married & Neil made a special tape for her reception.

I found out and asked for a copy.

He sent me a hardcopy and granted us the liberty of uploading it to share. It's not a tape he was selling, so it's a special blessing of sorts. Like the old Mastercard commercials used to say, "Membership has it's privileges" and since you're rollin with us, you eat when we eat...

As usual with Neil, it's got some goodies on it - classic Jodeci, some NKOTB, Stevie, the always classic movie quips that carry the themes.

I can already see this joint being jacked and played @ receptions across the country...and cut off @ the end when the 5th Platoon does their shoutouts to Kandi and Rob lol.

DJ Neil Armstrong Presents Kuttin Kandi's Wedding Reception Mix (Unofficially Official TSS Exclusive Shit!)

Fuck with Neil and his latest release, Oscillate Wildly, available everywhere quality mixtapes are sold.


Some how another, I linked up with Mick Boogie and became a part of his mailing list.

Reebok and Mick Boogie combine to create a new mixtape series featuring all the Reebok artists... the RBK Artist Spotlight. These discs will drop every few months spotlighting the latest in music from all RBK artists, including Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Pharrell, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne and more.

While I've only owned one pair in my life, let's give Reebok credit. Like it or not, they were smart enough to understand the marketing power of hip-hop music and artists. As a member of a capitialistic society and as a lover of all things money-churning, I can accept that.

I know there's a strong Lupe contigent lurking around here so when I got wind of this particular release, I figured "better get it!"

Promo only, Reebok is giving it away at events/stores…and here of course (well they MIGHT not know they're giving it away here but we're pirates baby!

Mick Boogie and Reebok Present Artist Spotlight Vol. 1 Hosted By Lupe Fiasco

Visit for more info or for the story.

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