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In college, I had some intriguing professors.

One was Dr. Mary, a wonderful Nigerian lady who'd been Americanized a whole lot but I still cherished her for her enthusiasm and unique perspective.

She taught me two off-beat things about money that I kept w/me for whatever reasons.

1.) Everytime you get paid, buy yourself something. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant. Just a little something to remind yourself what you're working for. True story.

2.) If you feel down or depressed, dress up...put on some fly shit.

Now Dr. Mary wouldn't say it quite like that but it definitely leads us into

TSS Crew's Summer Swan Song

Swan Song Tip #2

Put On Some Vibrant Shit

ROYGBIV mofo...

I already expect that some of the young bucks aren't gonna understand but peep game, peep the play.

Calm down before you get all excited..."Gotty™ that shit's gay" and "Who the fuck's gonna wear that?"

, just me...but I'm good with that. You can't rock like I rock. You rock how you rock. That's kosher.

I ain't saying make the shit your everyday uniform either or rock it flamin with your chest hairs showin like Kanye...

Just throw your admirers for a loop and do something for your spirit.

Colors have the power of perception - how people see you and how you see yourself.

If it's bright and sunny and you come thru shiny like a fresh Granny Smith apple, watch the twinkle it causes in the eyes of these doodies. Match the look with a Kool-Aid smile and a little bit of G and you have the perfect compliment to a perfect summer - skins.

Now, people smile when I rock those hats or when my pants legs come up and I got some flamboyant socks...but that's cool. I'm smiling too mainly because I made them smile.

Add a splash off in your uniform by incorporating a color you usually don't rock. Or ask a female friend to help you find a color that does something for you complexion or how you style your yourself.

Cop those World Cup AF1's or dig a little and scoop the Easters. Go to NikeID and freak your own shits.

Fuck with a pastel or some other shit in your shirts. If you always rock white tees (I'm the King of White tees) rock a fire red or some sky blue shit. Spruce it up a little. If you still want them to know you still gully, leave your elbows and tats ashy. Works for me.

Here's a hint
- chicks dig that shit. Even them dusty hoodboogers who swear they don't. They do.

Women get tired of a certain look and want a man who has the machismo to wear something out of the ordinary, wear with confidence and still come off masculine. Not homo, not even metro...but masculine, with a cool, smug facial expression like "yeah I see you lookin and yeah I'll still beat the brakes off ya motherfuckin ass and have you climbin all up in the bed like it was roaches on the floor."

Yeah...see that's what seperates dudes like us from dudes like you.


And if you worried about what the dudes are thinkin...then you got some issues of your own you need to work out in your closet.

Play on playa...

Musically, this track has a feel to it and it's got Diddy's touch so you know it's bound to either blow the fuck up or crash and burn hard...but so be it. I'mma go out on a ledge and say I fucks with it. It's got an unmistakable energy...

Out from behind the boards, Dre is finding his niche rhyming and Keyshia's making her stake for the current cameo queen.

On some 2006 "Mahogany", Phonte acts a fool and crafts a nice story over a mean guitar..."tonite I just want to be your insignificant lover"...

"...Them bitches work that big fat thang
Wish she had mo'titties
But she got enough back to take the smacks
So I ain't trippin I was hittin
she lickin, Paul Wall had his dick in
Told her might as well keep her draws off
All niggas all right down the hall
And bout doin something wit'cha
From the hardest to Ricardo
Mayne the whole Trill hit her
Then she hollered I ain't never fucked this many real niggas"

I'm tellin you fools...Webbie's a beast.


Lil Kim - Who Shot Ya

Cormega - Q.U Side (Feat Lake , Mr Cheeks)

M.O.P. Feat. Busta Rhymes - Monkey Shit

Smitty feat. Joe - Everyday

Cham feat. Akon - Ghetto Stories

Kevin Lytle feat. Trey Songz - Dance With Me

Keith Murray - Broka

Hot Rod (G-Unit) - Be Easy (Feat Mary J Blige)

Rick Ross - Get Away (Feat Mario Winans)

Diddy ft Nicole Scherzinger - Come To Me

Mya - A Yo

Rick Ross - Push It

Lil Mo - Back Like That (Female Remix) (Feat Cocoa Chanelle , Da Brat)

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