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Picture Pages...

We know.

We've given you alot to digest musically this week.

So we're gonna give you a little time to backtrack, pick up what you missed and see a few vids while you wait.

This joint is destined to be hood cult status/BET Uncut repeat material...

Produced By Kareem Johnson

New Rhymefest video...the Windy City and the Midwest as a whole are on the come up...

Produced by Kareem Johnson

Nuff respect due to video superproducer Kareem for holdin' us down with these joints. I'mma see you soon sir!

Let's just go ahead and say it...

Youtube has to be the best creation of this year.

End of story.

Now, I may not agree with Biggie being the "greatest" of all time, mainly because two albums should not qualify you to be ranked so highly.

BUT, there's no denying dude had IT.

No denying.


Here's a find of Big doing it @ age 17.

Say what you will but Tru Life will be a force to reckon with in the coming years.

Jay's behind him.

He's got street cred.

He doesn't overwhelm you with lyrics or flow, but he's got the one characteristic that has stood the test of time for MC's - braggadacio.

And on this freestyle, he speaks 100% truth.

And simply because I'm a basketball fan...

A 720 Dunk?

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