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Rhythm Nation 2006

Earlier this week, I recieved a press release informing us to tell fans that they can now participate and compete online to design Janet Jackson's next album cover.

Novel idea I must say.

  • It's interesting to see major corporations starting to embrace us innernuts. AOL Sessions, Adult Swim distributing material online and now this. I think they've realized that they can't beat us so they're joinin us. Smart move Mr. Suit.

Now I think I'll submit some shit but, ideally, it'd be hot if they let me implement some of my own photos.

No, I wouldn't implement anything crass or lude.

  • Since part of the promotion is celebrating her 20 years in the music industry, I'd throw it back to the Janet we know and love...

Chea! Throw it back on some Illmatic shit - pigtails, barrettes and the classic cheeky smile...

Better yet, take it back to when Janet officially took over shit with the Rhythm Nation album...

How many young Black females tried to mimmick by having the bangle with their housekey dangling by their cheek after that album released and the successive videos hit airwaves?

Yeah...they should rock with just that earring as the cover. Find a Little Penny clone and give her that earring.

  • Speaking of Illmatic, the importance of album covers has always been a part of music and it's importance should not be underestimated. Before you even unwrapped the plastic on the tape or cd, you could look at the front and take a wild guess where you were headed sonically.

When I was a kid, I remember the old Ohio Players Honey album cover...

No lie, I was young and I ain't know why I was tinglin'...but I was "happy" as an adolescent when I used to sneak to look @ that joint. And I was sneaking because, even though I didn't know it was wrong, I knew something had to be right about something that made me that intrigued.

Then, these might be outside of your genre and age bracket, but Blue Note used to crush with the jazz album covers. Always hazy, always the epitome of cool...

Take a look at Blue Note: Over 1000 great jazz album covers, dedicated strictly to their album covers over the years and artists...

And Parliment/Funkadelic covers?

They used to scare me because I wasn't on hallucinogens. So instead of being visually appealing, they were still-lifes with ghoulish images.

Marvin's I Want You cover?

Miles' Bitches Brew dusty?

Both memorable classics...

Hip-hop? Oh boy...

How many times did some of us pose in the mirror mimmicking KRS on the BAMN cover?

Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde?

Wu-Tang's 36 Chambers cover? You knew you were in for some shit when you saw all those dudes on the cover and after hearing "Protect Ya Neck"! And you can't mention the Wu w/o bringing up Dirty's welfare cover.

Old No-Limit, Pen and Pixel covers? With bright orange cases, percieved images of glistening diamonds, you were copping because weekly, No Limit had out a new disc and it was the first thing you saw when you walked to the section...

Biggie's Ready To Die with the baby? Paradox at it's finest between the title, the music and the image.

The eclectic mix of individuals displayed on Com's Electric Circus should've clued us into the idea that he was on some other shit, just as One Day It'll All Make Sense meshed perfectly with the vibe of the album.

In other words, the album cover sets the tone for what we're about to experience.

So with that, slide your happy ass over there and help design Janet's new joint.

And don't bite my Little Penny idea suckers!

For more info on the contest and to participate...

To enter the contest, visit

To peep video of Janet speaking on the contest, visit

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