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Jaz-O Jaz-o Jaz-O...Gillie

Remember when Jay-z put out that diss to Jaz-O and didn't even rap?

He just let State Property tear Jaz-O a new asshole. gotta remember that.

"Jaz-O Jaz-O Jaz-O...Jaz-O album in stores..."

That's sorta what this whole Gillie-Weezy thing smells like, the way it's being handled at least.
Half of you don't remember Gillie as a part of Major Figgaz (Figgaz For Life..."Yeah That's Us" and some other bangers on that tape; slept on). He was weaker than Dutch and Spade but he definitely had his shining moments.

The slight difference between the Jaz-O/Jay thing and this is that Gillie has some validity to his argument and it's not strictly subjective.

Watch and listen if you please...

As well as his recent diss, Gillie has an online interview where he points out some things that other former Cash Money artists have mentioned...

It seems strange that Wayne could not own any of his own publishing, yet also now be the Vice President of Cash Money. Were you around when he was threatening to leave for Def Jam?

At this time me and Wayne were still cool. Cash Money owed him a shit-load of money. Wayne wanted to leave, but Stunna wouldn’t let him out of his contract. They owed him like 17 million dollars, but they settled out of court and shot him 4 or 5 million dollars. [Being Vice President] really don’t mean nothing. Wayne can’t call no shots over at Cash Money. It’s really just a title. It’s all mind games like, “I’m going to make you the youngest CEO ever.” Source - XXL Mag Online "Gillie Da Kid Behind the Music"

If you want to fed into the hype and see what Gillie is about, feel free to check out his appetizer mixtapes...

Gillie Da Kid - Appetizer Vol. 1

Gillie Da Kid - Appetizer Vol. 2

Gillie Da Kid - Appetizer Vol. 3

Gillie Da Kid - Appetizer Vol. 4

Gillie Da Kid - Appetizer Vol. 5

Gillie Da Kid - Appetizer Vol. 6

Gillie Da Kid Appetizer Series Vols. 1 - 6

Stark comparision coming up though...

Syd Barrett, founding member and the one credited for the sound of Pink Floyd, recently died. (God Bless The Dead...Shine On!)

Do your own research, but in short, Barrett lost it after a few years and lived the remainder of his life as a recluse while Pink Floyd went on to superstardom.

Barrett "reverted to his real name, Roger Barrett, and spent much of the rest of his life living quietly in his hometown of Cambridge, England. Moving into his mother’s suburban house, he passed the time painting and tending the garden."

Yet and still...

"His former bandmates made sure Barrett continued to receive royalties from his work with Pink Floyd." Source - Pink Floyd co-founder Syd Barrett dies

Some where along the line, hip-hop artists never got the memos - about loyalty, taking care of those who helped you, "if you ain't rich, I ain't rich so let's eat" mentality...

The whole crabs in a pot theory comes into play.

Damn shame when you think of all this money floating around and the bitter splits it creates when mixed with egos, Industry Rule #4080 and folks not hiring an attorney to read over their contracts.

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