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Awww Man...They Back At It.....

In June, we gave you the summer manifesto

Hopefully some of you did something different or exciting.

Because August is right around the corner and summer's almost over.

Recognizing that, we've decided to give you a few more tidbits over the next few days to help you enjoy what's left for these final dog days of summer. damn that was a run-on sentence...forgive me.

TSS Crew's Summer Swan Song

Swan Song Tip #1

Expand Your Musical Palette

Hip-hop is still where it's at so fuck what you heard. But on a daily, we try to mix in some different stuff to keep your ears satisfied.

With that said, do a little diggin on your own.

Me...well, you know how you go to a mall, a car wash or a club and there's always some nobody passin out their CD? You usually turn it down.

Next time, don't.

Get it. Say thank you. Listen.

That's what I've been doing.

What's the worst that could happen?


And break out of your normal mold. Reach back and grab some old album that everybody raves about but you've overlooked or never took the time to listen. Grab some dancehall. Grab some go-go, some crunk, hyphy, bass...grab something that's known to make people move...and try to listen w/an open ear as to WHY it has a following, why it moves folk.

Now we all know, "Summertime" is the all-time reigning summer anthem.

But neck and neck with that joint is one song....

"Let me hear you say oohhhhh ahhhhh...Summertime in The LBC"

When you hear that you think of a few things...bikinis and BBQ's, fun and sunshine...and the police ridin by but not doing anything because it's too many folks doin too much for them to pinpoint one hehe.

Speaking of go-go...Wale has been burnin up the DC go-go scene and radio with his unique mix of rap and go-go rhythms. Playful and melodic, Wale's brought a new twist to the game. Take a sec, listen to the track "Dig Dug", peep his mixtape, Paint A Picture, and rock to the rhythm...I swear go-go may never go mainstream but a.) it goes hard and b.) I don't think them wild ass DC's knuckas care LOL.

Wale - Paint A Picture Mixtape

For more info on Wale visit

Stray Shots

The Team - World Premiere

Kaz Kyzah (from Teh Team)- Go-fessional

Lauryn Hill - JAPANISM (Live at Budo Kan Tokyo 1999) (2Discs)

Darien Brockington - The Feeling EP (2005)

Jazz for a Rainy Afternoon

DJ Rondon - Dancehall Vol. 29

The Aphiliates Present A Trip To St. Elsewhere

Van Hunt - Character

Digital Underground - Sex Packets [N/A][90s][Quality?]

MC Breed & DFC (1991)

Grandmaster Flash - They Said It Couldn't Be Done (1985)

Q-Tip - Kamal The Abstract

DJ Smurf-Dead Crunk

Mobb Deep-The Infamous

Jeru the Damaja-The Sun Rises in the East

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