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Summer Manifesto....

There comes a time and place for everything.

Currently and for the past few years, it appears to be that folk depend on the Innernuts to help them determine what is/is not favorable, consuming information & opinions as if they're the gospel.

I, for one, know no more than you.

I'm just highly opinionated & tell you what I think is hot.

I am by no means a musical guru. Nobody on this side is.

But I do consider myself observant of all things social & cultural.

Therefore I direct you to get out & live the culture we speak so highly of.

We all like to think hip-hop goes where I go © KRS

Too many of us, though, stay glued to our computers, frollicking with others on message boards & forums, reading the uninformed psuedo-critical analysis & brow-beating of shock bloggers & other idiots spewing dull point after point. We all want to be ahead of the curve on what's next or be able to speak on what's hot. But we're just regurgitating some words we heard someone else spout because before now, we were just listening to the Big Mike/Kay Slay/Clue triumvarate or whatever the local urban station was playing.

Hip-hop isn't dead. The people involved in & supporting it are.

Straight up.

Do something.

"It is better to strike a match than to damn the dark"

Plan on catchin every decent show that comes to your city & trekking to shows in nearby cities and states that are worth the time & gas loot. Support local deejays who spin that shit you ain't heard yet or haven't heard in years. Go hear some spoken word & the innerconnectivity of the artists as they interact with their crowd. Catch the local park jam but don't forget to bring a cooler and blanket.

Don't worry about flossin or being the center of attention because some will always one up you on that. Instead, be there in a white tee or wifebeater, a few dollars in your pocket & a part of creating the vibe and direction that hip-hop should be going in.

If more true heads were really worried about keeping the culture alive and they'd be reppin' the culture correctly instead of sitting in their chairs typing away, bickering over who's head should adorn the fitted of the KONY, East vs. South, taking Myspace glamour shots (who really gives a fuck?), whining about missing out on the latest overpriced Nike SB/Bape gear on eGay because they set their snipe too low, skippin meals to buy the latest high-end denim somebody told you was poppin and spending more time in the streets, in the clubs, deejaying, smoking L's & gettin slurred, shooting pool, writing creative, thoughtful articles for magazines & reputable websites, shooting photos capturing life in motion, fuckin shit and showin the lames how it's properly done.

That's my word.

*climbs off soapbox*



Check for DJ Benzi's Summer Madness 2005 and get ready for his next joint, set to release soon. An upbeat mix of new (for then) and old, it'll take you back & asks, what were you doing last summer when these jawns were pumpin?

For the females and the thugs who love'em, this song is pretty much THE early summer, girls sing along & the fellas nod on the low track....

For the ladies as well, with its brimming synth bassline and powerful vocals, this B track is straight :eek status...

Russian Mafioso passed me this joint & I highly recommend regardless of whether you actively like dancehall or not. With this mix, even those unfamiliar with the riddims will vibe to the blend of two genres only seperated by patiois, simply by checking songs like Beenie Man and Jagged Edge on "Goodbye" and "Lose My Breath" (Dancehall Remix) (Should I mention this track took on a whole new meaning once I was able to clearly hear the words due to listening to this version?)

In the land of strange collabos...

Uh...yeah. You'll have to listen for yourself. 'Ye manages to pull off a very nice verse but he seems out of place like a hooker in church.

I fucks with Christina and while this may be pushed to Top 40 Radio :eek status, hip-hop junkies will be shocked to hear Premo straight flip the script in his choice of samples.

I know the South and the Bay need something to ride to as well so here's a few top picks for those sides respectively...

Webbie shines par the usual course on a perfect parking lot pimpin' theme song. Drive slow homie...

Straight floatin, doin 85 on the highway on the late nite track. Paired with an airy croon in the back, Jody's throaty braggadocio shows he doesn't neccessarily need his Boyz to shine...

Enh...I ain't a huge fan of the whole hyphy/go dumb movement but I know dope when I hear it and you can't front on this joint. 40 Water pays proper respect to Mac Dre (R.I.P.) which is all that matters...

Who better to bless the summer than a reunited DPG? Cali's got an anthem...


Takin' it back a decade or two, my man Dee Jay Aluwi7 took it there and let these dusties burn in the spot the other nite. For you post 80's babies, give'em a listen and you'll find a sample or two you might recognize...

Slave - "Watchin' You" and Sylvia Striplin "You Can't Turn Me Away"


Busta Rhymes - I'll Hurt You (Remix) ft. Eminem

Jeru The Damaja - Murdera


Doo Wop Ft. Nina Sky - I'm Latin!!

Rich Boy, Snoop and Gangsta Boo - Break A Nigga Off

Addictiv, Pitbull and Mikey Dangerous - Little Game

Obie Trice - Snitch ft. Akon

Bravehearts and Nas - All Summer Long

Lil Wayne - I'm A D-Boy (Benzi Refix)

Three Six Mafia feat. Kanye West and Project Pat - Side To Side Remix

Mr Lif feat. Murs - Murs Is My Manager

Paris Hilton - Stars Are Blind

Jim Jones - Reppin Time

Young Joc, Rick Ross and Slimm Thug - It's Goin Down Remix

SpankRock - Get'em On The Floor

Jim Jones feat. Max B - Don't Forget About Me

Lil Wayne and Currency - Laced Up

Trey Songz - I Don't Love You

Dogg Pound feat. Paul Wall - Make Day Pussy Talk

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