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Southern Fried...

Written by K1NG

DTP has been known to host a varriety of flops. Whether it be I-20, or Shawnna, the label has never really had much Disturbing of the peace, other than it's originator Ludacris.

Two men will change that streak in the VERY near future.

Shawn Jay and Smoke.

The two combined are the very country-oriented hip hop group Field Mob.

Their new album, Light Poles and Pine Trees, is full of bangers for the ride, the club, or just to sit back and nod your head to.

The lead single,"So What" featuring Ciara, is a Jazze Pha production with funny yet inspired lyrics about a relationship between the Mob and some ladies with hating ass friends. Yet, the album goes deeper than just a couple of hot singles.

More standout tracks are...

Smilin' Feat. Ludacris, which is one of the best hater songs ever created, with a guest appearance from one of the leaders of Southern hip hop, makes for a great song. Blacker The Berry, which explains the hardships of being a dark skinned-person growing up and contains a well-placed Tupac sample.

Eat Em Up, Beat Em Up, is the sexually laced track about how perverse the two are, with outrageous lyrics such as

You're pregnant?
Glad it ain't mine
It's a fact I was strapped I ain't lyin'
Doctor said it's a little girl?
Good. Now I get pussy AND head AT the same time

Pistol Grip, which is a track explaining why they make sure they are always holding, and using metaphors including comparing banging a chick and getting shot by a dude. (Just listen, you will get it). Sorry Baby Feat. the only other DTP member worth listening to (Bobby Valentino), which is a song about not getting tied down by chicks true to hip-hop's "I just crush alot" mantra. It's Over, which is a track about the come-up and how underrated they are, which is very true considering most fans outside of the South hadn't heard of the group until recent years. The second verse of this song is straight FIRE!

Basically, I had low expectations for yet another Ludacris weed carrier, but I was pleasantly surprised by the lyrical content and flow of the two country boys.

Light Poles And Pine Trees(2006)

From Tha Roota To Tha Toota(2002)

6:13: From Ashy To Classy(2000)

K1NG Out!

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