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I pretty much detest Myspace not caught up in the total hype of Myspace.

Well, maybe it's more love-hate.

I love the busy, crowded feel of it...the dumb bulletins, the makes me feel like I'm in NYC minus the pissy alleys, bums & mean attitudes (I still love you NY)

I just hate going to somebody's page and they have music looping in the background. I hate aspect of not being in control to what I'm listening.

Normally, it's some shit I could hear on the radio at any given moment, the catchy song of the month or variation of that. Think - How many of these rats got "Bossy" on there page right about now? Exactly.

But periodically, I find some obscure song or a track I overlooked...and I stay on somebody's page listening to it several times (Admit it! I ain't the only one)

So this post is dedicated to some I found recently.

And to those fools w/Profilesnoop trackers & the like, I'm not stalking you.

I don't even know you even if you are on my friends list.

I'm just there rockin to your song.

All files hosted on different servers so no limits. Grab'em all & give them a spin.

Nina Simone - "I Put A Spell On You"

Considering myself fairly well versed in her catalog, I was impressed to hear just one more additional version of her form of love & heartbreak. Everytime the lady spoke on relationship, listeners could feel the intensity behind each line.

Would I really want a relationship with a lady like Nina? Prolly so...she'd be one of those females who'd nag you to death but love you so damn hard you'd be captivated.

You already know I got a think for whiny white women on a track.

But with a line like "...Born in life until we die/The music and the hope for love keeps me alive..." anyone aspiring in the art of music or needing music for sustanance can relate.

Bringing her insecurities to this acoustical track, she brings forth thoughts many of us have all transversed at one point and time.

Cash Money Millionaires - "Project Bitch"

How the hell did we forget about Manny clowning the shit out of this beat?

Slick Rick - "Adults Only"

Jea...Gettin naughty as only Slick Rick can do in his descriptive manner, this track is hilariously embarrassing for anybody shy about sexuality. I learned one helpful note when I first heard this track back in the day..."Most girls with kids done been hit in they..." Well, listen & you'll peep the content LOL.

Jim Jones feat. Max B - "Bright Lights, Big City"

Apparently lost in the usual three per month Dips releases, this track wailing bassline and Capo's usual Max B = Winner. Loud & rambunctous, put ya middle fingers up & cock your head back.

Note to Jim - I'm cool with the whole rockstar attitude but the Sting outfits gotta go my dude.

While we're speaking on Jim, I'll be waiting to peep A Day In The Fastlife just based off this trailer....


A Day In The Fastlife > Killa Season

Just watch.

In stores 6.27.06

stray shots

Boostie Collins - This Boot Is Made For Fonk'n

Bleu_Davinci-We_Still_Here_Vol._2_(Hosted_by_DJ_S_and _S)

Joe Budden - Mood Muzik 2 (No DJ Version)

Field Mob - Light Poles & Pine Trees

Game Over Compilation

Street Military-Steel Gangstaz

DJ Drama-Welcome to Saigon


Ginuwine-The Bachelor

The Best of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes


Dj Keyz - Smash-RB-Reggae-Vol-1

Intelligent Hoodlum- Intelligent Hoodlum

Jodeci-Diary of a Mad Band

3rd Bass- Derelicts of Dialect

3rd Bass- The Cactus Album

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps EP

Radiohead - amnesiac

David Gray - A Century Ends

Stevie Wonder - A Time To Love

Sparkle OST

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