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Payin' Dues...

Five songs come to mind when I see this picture... purely random, no's just a picture is worth a thousand words.

Dawn Penn - "You Don't Love Me" (No No No)

Classic dancehall riddims...

Beenie Man feat. Mya - "Girls Dem Sugar"

We should all do our part to bring this joint back for summer...

Guns & Roses - "Sweet Child Of Mine"

Axl is an irrelevant dude @ this point...but at one time....

Metallica - "Enter Sandman"

She did say rock, no? Who better to rock with? If you ain't feelin this, you ain't livin...

Webbie - "Bad Bitch"


-P's gonna be like our new model/mascot/Girl Friday/justallaroundcoolmotherfucker that we periodically prop for no more reason than she's E-Cosa™ & we goddamn feel like the pic just got me hyped.

Sorry Nquest, if you were a chick we'd post your pic as well.

We get a lot of mailings.

A whole lot.

Some, I get the opportunity to pass along. Others get lost in the shuffle.

But we need to do this periodically to keep you updated.

Quid Pro Quo (google it lil ninja)...

Big Daddy Kane, Lupe Fiasco, Rhymefest, Sleepy Brown, The Procussions, The Strange Fruit Project, Maya Azucena, Panacea, and more...on one stage...for free?

You might want to check this out...

If you fuck with us, go here and do some voting for your favorite mixtape masterpieces & their conductors...We got some Justo (R.I.P.) shit comin real real soon.

Stream the new Procussions album. Get Familiar! © Clinton Sparks

And while you're streaming...

Beenie Man feat. Akon - "Girl" Video Stream

I miss that old Mike...

Square Presents: "The Mike We Like" with three tracks for you to sample included.

For more info on this joint, click here

If you're in the city, come cool out with your folk on Friday...

Click to enlarge

Relaxed lounge atmosphere, good sounds, drink specials, all of I'll be signing t-shirts & boobies so feel free to fuck with your folk if you see me there. Email me & I'll tell you where to find me.

Check my man
Dee Jay Aluwi7 for more info.

Sex and violence sell.

It's the American way!

Fuck with the lil homie...

get yo pron on!


We right here © DMX

Is that everybody?

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