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When Siegel got shot, a few things ran across my mind...

1.) "Bang bang Siegel Street Gang!"

2.) Damn this dude has the worst fuckin luck - jail, stepdad gets murdered, his record label essentially dissolves.

3. Son gully for taking pics fresh out of the hospital...and this dude is chubbier than a motherfucker. Hit the treadmill Beans, we seen what happened to Pun.

4.) Wow! Son stay in the hood. He keeps it real.

Then, you start to wonder "what's real?"

For rapper's it's always a thin line but at some point these dudes gotta get smarter...

Once one starts acquiring gold and platinum plaques, there's no need to stay in the hood coppin quarter waters and splittin sacks with the crew.

To Beans and even regular folk who've found some level of success - Understand that real is based off reality.

Your reality now is you have concierges or at least lil fellas happy to be your weed carriers. No need to handle the late nite runs for that purp or take that burner charge.

Your reality is now that you have the ability to sign checks and create at least a few business opportunities.

Your existence now has you flying around the country and the world. Your vision should expand. No one said say fuck the hood...but we understand that your visions and experiences are further than a few blocks radius.

At a certain point, you have to help end this backwards thinking that's been perpetuated for years.

No other race or culture takes offense that it's members achieve like Black folks and hip-hop culture.

Understand - if you made it out the hood, we're happy for you. We're glad to see you achieve things.

You don't have to try to stay in the hood to prove a point.

Prove a point by taking a piece of the hood with you and speak for the rest of the hood as you're out connecting with people who otherwise wouldn't hear the voice of South Street Philly, The Wild Hundreds in Chi or South 8th out here in Cashvegas...let'em know we exist.

Use the power and the voice you have.

I made it so, you could say Marcy and it was all good
I ain't crossover I brought the suburbs to the hood
Made em relate to your struggle, told em bout your hustle
Went on MTV with do-rags, I made them love you
You know normally them people wouldn't be fuckin witchu
Til I made em understand why you do what you do © Jay-z

I was gonna speak on this song anyways but the past few days, time has had a way of having it's own way of timing...

This track showed me two things...

* It was good to hear Snoop come back to the mic with some passion and, really, he sounds like at any given time he can get back on that "Deep Cover" shit whenever he chooses...

* It was even better to hear someone finally say fuck the Terminator. No, it won't have the same effects of Kanye's spazz on Bush but it still needed to be recorded so that it could be stored as a piece of auditory history for future generations to reference just so they know "nah, folk wasn't cool with that."

Snoop - "Tookie"

We *cough*Gotty™*cough* always show love to Big Mike and been waitin on dude to drop...but wasn't expecting this in the least.

Big Mike - "I will not lose"

Do some searching and you can find the origins of the riff.

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