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Half My Heart....


I recently found out that I'm Mr. Big.

Nah for real....hear me out.

I'm a Gemini and I've been told before that I definitely have two sides.

Recently, a female friend imparted to me...

I've known you for years and it feels like I just met you. I get all excited when you show your feelings. I like it. It's actually a very attractive side you have. But you are soooo minute you're natural and have feelings. But then the "fuck it" side kicks in..."fuck everybody!" I see you have this amazing side that you only show tiny bits of...Then the rest is "fuck it all" and untouchable. Funny thing is I'm intrigued by both because one is just as interesting as the other.

She went on to tell me "
you have this mystique, like Mr. Big"

Big and his broad, cig in hand...I could dig this persona

Here...let me show that I do have a softer side as well as the ability to reveal my emotional side.

The World's Greatest Joys According To Gotty™ AKA The Softer Side Of Things AKA Half My Heart...

1. Having someone intimate, not just a random someone, soft on the other side of the bed when you wake up.

2. There's nothing better than hearing a small child's laughter or seeing them smile with that twinkling glow in their eyes.

3. Watching the syndicated episodes of
Sex In The City and learning that, as much as I think I know, I know so little about how women's brains work. Women are peculiar creatures.

4. The most magnificient thing in the morning is enjoying a cup of coffee and a cigarette in your sock feet, boxers and no shirt.

5. Layin back coolin' with a good book > hittin up the club.

6. There's something attractive about when a women whines "
Teee-whyyyyy" because of some dumb shit I've done and quite possibly it's the reason why I do ignorant shit.

7. Although most men, myself included, are often called "selfish," there's generally nothing more rewarding than ensuring the happiness of those around us.

8. I get that "sugar lump" in my throat every time I watch
Hardball and G-Baby gets killed.

There you have it...



StereoTee went another step and created a "commercial" on behalf of the TSSCrew...

Watch @ your own risk LOL

I love this dude no homo

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