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Did you see Shaq's stepfather @ the games when the camera pans to him after Shaq hits from the charity stripe? The release and relief on his face almost saying "thank you Jesus!" and looking damn near ready to shed a tear.

I remember feeling that same zeal when I taught my daughter to confidently that moment, I felt a certain joy for her that, even as a verbose dude, I can't find the words to describe...there was so much happiness in that moment that it simply made me well up.

I imagine that any father would have to be proud if his son "made it" in entertainment as parents often live their dreams and measure their success by the successes of their children.

Therefore realize there has to be a certain joy shared by Common & his father each time the elder is invited into the studio for "Pop's Rap."

Com has always maintained a contextual balance between aspiring to show his growth and new knowledge while still keeping it simple enough for the average cat to follow. And, when you hear you his father speak @ the end of tapes, you realize why Com's roots are so firmly entrenched in the streets and his heart so open to change. Pops emits that rugged, "I'll cut you to the white meat", old street aggin speak and, at the same time, an enlightenment that only life, age and experience can give a man.

We, as men, emulate the strong alpha males in our lives, whether they be our biological fathers, uncles, stepfathers, coaches, the local store owner, the hustlers...we aspire to be "men" but have hearts for those around us, just like those select males who balance the scale between disciplined and caring.

Truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common Sense © Jay-z

But when you hear Pop's rap, you realize that Lonnie Lynn just wants to share the lessons imparted to him by his own Dad throughout his life and give a stage to thoughts of the man who raised him

Common - "Pop's Rap II - Fatherhood"

Respect due to my own father and both my grandfathers, the men who raised's hard being a goddamn King but they've shown me that, with fortitude, it's possible to do it.

Happy Father's Day to all those men who take the time to be fathers and not just daddies.



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