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A Letter To All Shockbloggers....

No pics. No music. No additonal formatting. Just words.

You know that one person at your job that’s been there forever, complains about the place constantly, never speaks instead just grunts...but is there everyday, faithfully?

Consistent in two things - attendance and bringing negativity to the environment.

That's what some bloggers/internet writers seem to be all about.

Yes, this marvelous thing called the internet has given all of us voices to be heard around the globe 24/7/365.

Yes, I, too, voice words of disdain for certain things going on in and around music and our world. There's no lovefest going on over here and, yes, contrary to what it might seem, I have less than perfect days.

But goddamn, do some of you folks go outside or do you simply sit @ home waiting to whine about every news blurb as soon as you read it? Is there any sunshine in your day, any positives? Or do you sit back and giggle like Dr. Evil when you click publish knowing you've done nothing but incite and create adverse reactions? Personal opinion is one thing but must it always harp on the negative?

Let me guess, shockblogging is what got you where you are and the readership you've so meticulously cultivated?

In the past few days, there's been a minor uproar over the innernuts about Phonte of Little Brother's Myspace blog about a recent performance, which he called their worst ever, along with a retort by an XXL Blogger and subsequently Phonte's reply.

Now, don't get it twisted.

XXL has some quality bloggers who I always checked before they were affiliated with the online mag and still check for now during their tenure there.

But there's a few on there who need to step away from the keyboard and go interact with people; get some joy in their lives of sorts.


Because it seems they're never happy about any parts of hip-hop culture or Black people in general. I honestly don't understand why they even choose to partipate.

I can't say I am pleased every day either.

But I consider it this way - both cultures, Black and hip-hop, have this psyche that says "complain complain complain" without offering viable solutions or alternative options.

I may not care for Lil Wayne (LOL) but if he drops a hot song, I give credit, put it in the whip and pump it loud. Hell, somedays I still can't feel my face, I'm still a d-boy and I'm still rockin that hustler musik.

And if we don't care for Wayne, guess what, we put up some shit we ARE feeling. I swear I intend every day to try and drop something, musically or otherwise, that I find good and share it with you folk. Some days are successful and well-received; others aren't. I accept that. You can't hit a homerun every single time up to bat.

But others seem intent on daily spewing as much negativity as they can.

  • "The new _________ album sucks. It's the worst album in the history of music...until the next new release Tuesday at least."
  • "____________ was the worst thing I've ever seen or witnessed. But, I watched it anyways because I had nothing else to do."
  • "__________ needs to put the mic down, be quiet and keep signin' his royalty checks over to his baby momma."
  • "Coon" this...and "jigs" that.

You get the drift.

To those individuals, I would love a face-to-face meeting to ask...


How are you helping us move forward?

By calling Blacks "coons"? Yeah, significant contribution the other side.

By dissin' artists who attempt to bring sounds innovative to the current landscape?

I won't delve into the whole Phonte-XXL Blogger debate. It has been beaten, resuscitated only to be beaten again in a matter of days.

I support what LB is doing and that is putting out mature music, bar no genre classifications.

Also, I like what Tay says and does - he's honest, he understands their current status, self-effacing, and many other things.

If perhaps some of you don't, that's fine. Instead of complaining, take the forum you've been given, the internet, a bring forth something that you see as positive.

But as I said earlier, always try to offer solutions or other options. Sometimes you have to break down in order to build back up...

  • Bitterness is not an endearing attribute. It seems as if you were either not hugged enough or coddled too much as a child. Take the initiative to go see a therapist and work out your issues. Just because the people come to you to read your writing does not mean that you should feel the need to work with the powers that be to dismantle and discredit hip-hop and Black culture as a whole. It took years to build up and only a second, or a few choices words perhaps, to tear it down.
  • Most shockbloggers are online Wendy Williams caricatures. Now I know it seems like Wendy has a huge following....but the majority of people are laughing at her, not with her. In fact, most are pointing and laughing. Honestly, which category do you think your readers fall into?
  • The majority of the times, your arguments are never well constructed, as in they take a part for the whole and argue it ineffectively. Try to base your arguments on facts and have it multi-pronged otherwise anyone with insight and intellect will easily deconstruct it.
  • Substance. Please.



To our regular readers, we'll be back with our usual offering of music and other shenanigans later. Sorry to disrupt your day with such triffles but it needed to be said.

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