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"Music Makes These Thugs Calm Down..."

True story, Tuesday sucked monkey nuts so I'm uninspired.

My checkbook got stolen and a few checks cashed (aiyo...I'mma see you Senora Gina Williams), my Ipod hard drive crashed so the large majority of my music library is seemingly gone, it rained cancelling the kid's swimming lessons and plus it got EXTRA humid afterwards.

Fear not because Wednesday is Hump Day. And to help boost my spirits and yours midway thru your work week, here's some humor.

I was literally shocked when my sister told me she hadn't seen Pulp Fiction before. But, the more females I inquired with, I found out a lot of women haven't. So, I present to you...

Pulp Fiction In 30 Secs Reenacted By Bunnies

And which ever one of you white folks whose uncle (what...ya'll ain't know white folks visit this site as well?) this is, please get this man some medication. Do an intervention like they did on Girlfriends. Do anything but just get him some help.

Man On Crack On The Price Is Right

Musically, these three tracks were about the only tracks that helped me keep my cool yesterday, ie they distracted me more or less.

Tragedy Khadafi Noreaga and Nas - "Calm Down"

Ginuwine - "Stingy"

I really don't think Buck got the credit for this track that he should have. Lyrically, it pure was flame.

Young Buck - "Footprints"

And this is only by request lol. No other comments besides that if one of dedicated folks hadn't asked for this...whew lol.

Gucci Mane - "Nextel Chirp"

And Dub requested some Killer Mike. I predict Killer Killer The Crack Dealer will have one of the best cd's of summer (if it ever comes out lol). Right now, I haven't seen any "new" cd's but I swear this track is serious. I suggest that everybody let this rock at least 2-4x today. Mike has definitely stepped it up lyrically and his stories have been laced with good imagery in the past few tracks (think, "Ain't No Love" freestyle).

Killer Mike - "A Dope Story (112 Freestyle)"

Just to go ahead and OD on the boy...

Killer Mike feat. Big Boi - "My Chrome"

For a full listen, check out this mixtape. The download has been split into three seperate files on Rapidshare so it's up for 30 days but it's faster than the previous joints. Take the good with the bad. Either way it's free so shut the hell up.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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