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"Do The Right Thing"

Jea...that's what's in effect today. This Southern heat and humidity ain't workin for a brother. It's cotton field status 'round here and it's drainin' me. It makes me mad and sad when Channel 2's Davis Nolan comes on and says "It's gonna be another scoooorrcchhherrr today" because I know I ain't about to do jack shit til 8pm lol. The heat makes me stay inside and only come outside at night like Blackula.

I KNOW somebody gotta remember this joint

Hammerman Cartoon

If that didn't give you a giggle, this might...(little man in the yellow kills it lol). Be cool though. It's got some women in bathing suits (not nude though) in the ads at the top. I don't want you gettin fired and blaming me lol.

Three Little Kids Dancing To "Tipsy"

Yeah...I admit, the single was kinda hot. Catchy of sorts. The album just leaked so we'll see what she's really about now.

Teairra Mari-Roc-A-Fella Presents Teairra Mari

And if you don't have this in your collection, you should. I caught myself slipping the other day. 14G's of songs, 12 days straight worth of music on the Ipod but I didn't have this classic. You should slap yourself if you're missin it too.

Jay-z - The Blueprint

Personally though, this might be my favorite Jay album. I was lucky enough to dub this on VHS and to see the live performance of these cuts is critical. Visually, Jay-z Unplugged > Fade To Black if you ask me. Jay + Mary J.+ Jaguar Wright + The Roots = phenomenal.

Jay-z - Unplugged

My main man Retro threw me a bone on these two. Plus it keeps the scales balanced. I guess I'm one of the few who can enjoy Nas and Jay equally without feeling disloyal. Just for the record, Nas is my favorite but Jay puts out way better albums.

Nas & Quan - Ill Will Mixtape Part 1 Part 2

I had this one but failed to up it. Since he gave me a ready-to-go link, I'll share lol. This is one of Jeezy's old albums from '03 before he blew.

Young Jeezy - Come Shop With Me (2 Discs)

All these are yousendit links so get it while the gettin is good. Snooze and you lose.

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