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Right Back At It...

Yeah, we back. This weekend was tiring...sun, food, driving, laughing, dancing, staying up til the sun came up....Seeing and being with family and loved ones is always a beautiful thing. I can't speak for the rest of the crew but I can surely say that this holiday and every Independence Day always brings forth some memorable days.

Aiight, right out the frying pan into the fire.

Beef - "It's What's For Dinner"

Start it off with Bleek talking for a few minutes and then freestyling a diss at Game. Fairly impressive from the Memph-man.

Memphis Bleek Game Diss

Then bring it to Jada and Styles basically murkin 50 over one of his old beats. I'll just say this one is fierce.

Jadakiss feat. Styles P - "Problem Child"

And somebody needed a reup on this joint...

Game - "300 Bars"


Good call right here...

Zhane - "Hey Mr. DJ"

Mary J. Blige & Jadakiss - "Back To Life 2001"

Zapp & Roger - "More Bounce To The Ounce"

The new...

Tony Yayo feat. Eminem and Obie Trice - "Drama Setter"

Baby feat. Lil Wayne - "Get It All Together"

Jody Breeze feat. Trick Daddy and Youngbloodz - "AK's and Chevrolets"

Mike Jones Bun B & Lil Keke - "All Ready"

RECOMMENDED - Clue doesn't put out half the tapes he used to but when he does it's generally official. And for the tracklisting and a brief first listen, this looks to be the case.

DJ Clue - He's A Hustla Part Two

And this has been a good series thus far in terms of having new material...

Tapemaster's Inc. - The Inc. Files Vol. 4


And this was taken from another forum since I know some of you all are Beyonce fans. All words and commentary are by the author of the original thread. All are videos and I'll forewarn you some may be in the wrong spot but you can work it out for self and read the commentary for each. If any are down, email me and I'll try to have them back up before the day's out.

1. "Be With You" Live

wow @ 2.10 to the End. Incredible voice control and strength.

2. "Naughty Girl"

Yup, this is a dance song, and automatically people hate because it's "not real." Watch the girl perform the song. Flawless upper register. She sounds exactly like her record if not better. And it's completely effortless. And finishes it off quite nicely I might add :hat

3. "Survivor" (BET Awards)

Username - Beyonceworld
Password - Readtherules

Once again sounds just like her record. And from 2:00 to the end :eek I mean she blew the ugly chick off the stage. Her voice is incredibly strong.

4. "Crazy In Love" (BET Awards)

She danced all over the stage. And then, from 2:55 to the end, she stole the show. I'm sure most of yall don't understand how difficult that vocal run was at about 3:05. But that is effin amazing. You are going up and down half steps on the scale over and over and over. The amount of control it takes to be able to pull that off, let alone while you are out of breath is unreal. Just :eek :eek

5. "Star Spangled Banner (Super Bowl 2004)

Amazing rendition. From the high note, to at the end when she sang "The Brave" for 9 seconds while going up the scale and not taking one breath in between. Greatness.

And last but not least.... the Greatest Beyonce Performance Ever.

6. "Dangerously In Love" (Grammy's 2004)

From 2:05 to the end, no words can explain how perfect that was. Every note was sung to perfection. "Created in this world to love, to hold, to feel, to breathe, to live you. Dangerously In Love." Just Wow :eek . The entire performance was magical. It wasn't until she did that performance that a lot of people recognized how ill she really is.

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