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Today's post is a double post. Be sure to check the post below for a little Tupac tribute with music and a video.

I can't front. This mixtape has a whole lotta heat. A full clip. I won't call it the mixtape of the summer JUST yet but hey, it is July already. So if anybody's gonna contend for the crown, they better do it fast because this joint is hot.

Click the pic for a tracklisting if you don't believe how hot it is lol.

Anger Management #3 (The Mixtape)
Clinton Sparks & Eminem

I haven't listened to this joint but the Dips usually come with some bangers to keep listeners satisfied.

Diplomats Music - More Than Music Vol. 1(Retail)

As usual, anytime I run across anything J. Legend, I'm obligated to pass it along because spreading his music ultimately was prolly one of the underlying reasons why this blog was created. Quality work as usual from the man. His live sets always seem to be a great listening experience.

John Legend - Live At The Jazz Cafe

Strong Recommendation

I didn't know much about this cat before Saturday. I'd read his name in passing or whatever as I was grabbing other music. Then my guy asked me for it and described it as "sounding like D'Angelo." Interesting. I must be under a rock because he has a single on the radio called "Guess Who Loves You More." So I did a little research and alot of people are raving about him. That lead me to grabbing it and, in the end, I was pleased. Pleased enough to share and recommend it to you. The tracks listed here are not the ones shown on Amazon (there's more here) but I'll try to find the full retail copy later if anyone wants it.

Raheem Devaughn - The Love Experience

Shoutouts to the fine individuals at the West Indian Picnic yesterday in the city. Jerk chicken and oxtail are the shit lol. Good folk, good food and some good music. I'mma make myself an honorary Trini-man so I can hit that joint every year.

Square One - "Turn It Around (The Plumber)"

Please note - A few of the files are on a new hosting service. The reason being is that supposedly they'll stay up longer than yousendit's 7 days and we'll have 500 dl's instead of 25 yousendit downloads. It's a little slower but it's better for uploading on our part as well so...we'll give it a whirl for a few days to see how it workds.

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