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"your comments are jaded but funny"

Taken directly from an AIM convo, that's what Nquest told me about the comments and humor I employ here. See me and Nquest are different. He's the "computer guy", I'm the "abstract literary savant." Anything you see that I say I created, be it this joint or my other site, Nquest did it lol. Now, I did some of it and, creatively, it's mainly my idea. I can see it, but I'm probably just as technologically illiterate as everybody else so I need him to make it happen. So, that's where Nquest comes in to lay it out. I'm the executive producer but Nquest is the engineer who taught me how to put it all together and make it visually appealing.

Anyways, he made me think, "Am I jaded? Extremely sarcastic? A pretentious asshole?"

Well, of sorts, I guess I am. I consider myself more of an optimistic realist. I hope for the best but I'm wise enough to know how things usually play out. I remember World Industries used to use this slogan that I adopted - "Making Today Worse So Tomorrow Seems Better."

Either way, you gotta love me. Or at least understand me to even tolerate me lol. Some people can, some people can't. So be it, such is life. One thing about it - I'm one of the trillest aggins you'll ever meet. And I do me to the fullest.

And I don't know why Nquest complaining. He's just as jaded as I am.


Jeezy went back and added a few tracks, remastered a few and now we have...

Young Jeezy - Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101

It's funny because I remember when Jeezy first hit on Fabolous' cut, "Do The Damn Thing". I loved his voice and flow. Recently, the video for that cut turned up on the net (I never saw it on the air but then again I don't watch videos like that). Fabolous feat. Young Jeezy - "Do The Damn Thang" Video

This track is gettin strong "song of the summer" type buzz. I don't rank it that high but I love Jimmy because he's one of the realest personalities in the game right now. Seeing him dance in a video? Yeah, them boys gettin good money if he's dancin.

Jim Jones feat. Trey Songz - "Summer With Miami" Video

For my personal tastes, I prefer this Jimmy cut. Did you peep Ben Muhammad in the vid that was upped a few days ago? I don't know what's goin on but his appearance in the vid and previously on Jim's album means there's some type of relationship there. Jim Jones feat. Max B. - "G's Up"

So far, Jimmy's making a strong push to make this album, Harlem: Diary Of Summer, a good one for the summer

And since the T.I. buzz has picked up recently, I'll throw this in. This video is actually pretty damn good. I don't know what it is but I love to see folk doin the A-Town stomp still. Plus, the vid is hood so it automatically gets my stamp of approval. Keep it gutter gutter.

T.I. feat. P$C and Lil'Scrappy - "I'm A King" Video

And just to keep everybody satisfied, here's the whole Jagged Edge catalog (minus Jagged Little Thrill. Anybody got that for me?) I hope you enjoy it as much as I have over the years. To me, these dudes are the truth in terms of groups who still put out good R&B.

Jagged Edge - A Jagged Era

Jagged Edge - J.E. Heartbreak

Jagged Edge - Hard

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