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"You Think You Know..."

"...but you have no idea. This is the life of Tee Why".

Nah nah, I'm buggin so let me cut myself short.

This right here is the theme song for the day. Think of me when you listen to this joint and smile because I will be. I love this chick and I'll get her album up next week.

India Aire - "The Truth"

We hood. Yeah, we from a small town but every where got a dirty side. That area, block or that strip where you tell visitors “Don’t go over that way.” I remember when….

…they found Baby Boy in the Blue House with his head in an oven and buttnaked except for his socks.

…the park used to be THE SPOT on Sundays. Cars, girls, basketball.

…JM shot Lil George in the legs without catchin a case because all the witnesses “forgot” what they saw ;)

…Chris B got bodied for perpin the wrong fiends.

…sittin side by side on Pat’s porch,sleepin two and three deep, breaking day.

…800 shot Lil D.

…Burt teachin us how to play chess but gambling with us at the same time, essentially getting easy money for the lessons. Life lessons is what see'em as now. Plus, fiends got mo'hustles than a little bit.

…that aggin Money who had a succession of a gold tooth, WOOD tooth and then a missing tooth or two lol.

… “Dancin’ Darv”

…Blue pulled out a .25 on Monty

…Wally World used to come down the block singin Sam Cooke’s “Change Gone Come” and subbin his name in… “Wally’s sooooo tired of livinnnn/but I’m afraid tooo dieeee.” (That’s how I learned the song lol). That's how you knew he was high and it was bout to be some shit haha.

…Sittin on Ms. V-Nel’s porch drinkin moonshine and whiskey on hot summer days and passin out early only to go home take a nap and come right back out to the block lol.

…Robbin aggins from the other side and going back to OCR knowing they wouldn’t have the nuts to come see us out there.

…Go straight from the block to ATL or wherever, dirty as hell, buying fits when we got there and partying for three days in the same clothes and comin back like wasn’t shit wrong with it lol. We called it “cowboying”.

I really ain't sure if the hood made men or fools out of us. But one thing's for sure. It made us.

So this track prolly won’t move nobody but I love it still. Plus my dude shouts my name out in the end haha.

TallSun - "OCR"

Aiyo...the amount of music you are about to see MAY overwhelm you but don't trip. With the servers that are being used, you've got a few days to get all of these. I ain't have the time to give you pretty pics and covers, tracklistings, and my usual lengthy commentary. Nothin but the bare essentials. Some albums are posted in two part links meaning you'll have to grab both links in order to have the full album.

First, I'mma start you off on a light note. Somethings to entertain you while you're getting other stuff.

For you Tetris type nerds, this game right here should keep you entertained. I got stuck around level 20 something. Top that!


By request....

Lil Wayne - The Carter 2 (Advance)

Been had this for a minute, just never upped it. For the unintiated, Jody is a member of Boyz N Da Hood (the group w/Jeezy). There's some who put his flow above Jeezy's but I disagree lol. Still hot.

Jody Breeze - A Day In The Life Of...(Retail)

One of the slept on members of the Roc La Familia. Let's hope he doesn't get lost in the shuffle of reorganization going with Roc/Def Jam.


Part 1 Part 2

And Peedi's Nuyorican brother from another mother...this joint linked hella early.

Nore - One Fan A Day (Retail)

Password is 1fan

I don't know if I gave you all this before and if not, I know I'm slow but better late than never.

Kem - Album II

I like this lil dude plus I heard he signed with Diplomats records.

Trey Songz - I Gotta Make It (Retail)

I'm sure you can find a tracklisting for this out by now. Terrence Howard's raps from the movie appear as songs on here. So if you been waiting to bump "Whoop That Trick", here you go. Withstanding that, there's some decent names on here.

Hustle and Flow Soundtrack Part 1 Part 2

This one is straight for you girls because ain't no damn way I'm bumpin Missy. "Pussycat" with Tweet is the only song I can say I liked by Ms. Elliot.

Missy - The Cookbook

You all know you wrong for leeching gospel music so you better leave some kind words lol.

Mary Mary - Mary Mary 2005

Part 1 Part 2

And since I gave you all my numero uno R&B group's catalog yesterday, these dudes get a real close second.

112 Catalog

112 - 112 Part 1 Part 2

112 - Room 112

112 - Part III

112 - Hot & Wet

112 - Pleasure and Pain

And I owed you Jagged Little Thrill from yesterday so there it goes.

P.S. - Bobby & Whitney got problems. Like fo'real problems.

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