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The Hunger For More....

(The big homie Matt just reminded me. We'll get our "Hustle & Flow" on soon. I'mma give you all time to see it.)

Enh...I'm tired of old rappers. I like these young dudes no homo.

See, these young cats, they still hungry. They trying to get a meal ticket from the game. At the same time, you can tell they lovin runnin to the studio and laying tracks. Add into the equation, half of them are still tied to the streets so their topics and subject matter, while rehashed, are still fresh in that it's a new perspective, a new twist, to whats goin down.

Prime examples - Lil Webbie and Frayser Boy. I swear I didn't mean to like their music lol. I just popped in the cds and haven't been able to take them out. Webbie sounds a whole like BG to me. Nasal flow but his voice isn't as baritone as BG's. And, lil man is only 19 so he's got a good career ahead of him. All he needs is more more hot single like "Gimme That" to push him over the top. Frayser Boy just spits like his life is depending on it. You gotta respect that. Below are few tracks from each that have been STUCK on repeat for me.

Lil Webbie - "All Of Us"

Lil Webbie - "My Life Is Lovely"

Lil Webbie - "Tear It Down"

Frayser Boy - "Ain't Nothing Changed"

Frayser Boy - "Seen Thangs"

In other new stuff...

First off, go back and check the previous days post for Vol. 3 of the Sex Songs collection along with the covers lol. All three volumes are certified and the cover art is on some old 70's poster, Black love type shit.

Tony Yayo - Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon(Advance)

Jim Jones - One Eyed Willie Mixtape

Click here for tracklising.

This one comes highly recommended by Dub Cee. I haven't had a chance to peep it but you already know I'm ridin' with Jimmy. Goonie Goon Goons all the way baby.

Jim Jones - City Of God Mixtape

Click here for tracklising.

DMX - Here We Go Again

Babyface - Grown and Sexy(Retail)

DJ Smallz - Dirty R&B Part 7

Backup link

Click here for tracklising.

I truly believe this dude doesn't get half the credit he deserves. Maybe I like him for his rough and rugged voice which sounds more masculine than these fairy sounding falsetto aggins. Or perhaps, before Lyfe, he pretty much held down the crown for most believable R&B thug. Either way, his albums have always been thoro to me.

Jahiem - Ghetto Love

Jahiem - Still Ghetto

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