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"Chasin' The Trane"

John Coltrane was a genius.

He remains one of my favorite people, not just an artist.

Like all geniuses, Trane had problems. A ton of them actually. Alcohol. A heroin habit. Sporadic & moody behavior. Disappearing.

But, as a jazz musician, I don't really think Trane was even touchable. Not by Miles (although close), Mingus, Dizzy, Monk, Blakey, anybody. Period.

The music the man created was an "experience" to say the least. It can speed you up or slow you down. You choose. You have to picture yourself in a smokey bar during Harlem's heyday. Perhaps under a shade tree watching a sunset. Either way, you can't just listen to a Coltrane album or any work he's featured on. You have to involve yourself in it. For me, there's nothing better than Trane and a good book. Something about the combination of thoughts created by the literature and the landscape imagined by the music that sets my mind to whirl. Escapism at it's finest.

I'm not even sure if Coltrane ever kicked his habits. I know in the last few years of his life, he embarked on a journey to solidify his relationship with God thru his music, in the form of A Love Supreme. This work is his most well known as it's him praising God thru the talent he was given. Music.

This is my favorite song by Trane. It starts off slow in tempo and builds before finally coming down and settling before it's resolution. I dare to say it's almost sexual but that would almost defame it but the varying tempos and pace make it one of my favorite songs of all time. To me, jazz is almost like beer in that it's an acquired taste. It takes one really trying to enjoy it and having a good experience to fully appreciate it. For me, "Spiritual" was my first good buzz when it came to jazz.

John Coltrane - "Spiritual"

By request...

"My Favorite Things"

The albums featured here are all recordings from the Impulse record label, except for Lush Life.


Lush Life

A Love Supreme

Soul Ship


Part 1 Part 2

I hope you can grow to like or at least appreciate jazz, and moreso Trane, with these joints.

In other music and bringing it a little more up to date...

Of course, JLegend will be in the city on Thursday. And just in time for that performance, I ran across another live recording by our boy. This one seems to be a little older as they refer to him by his government name, "John Stephens". But, it's hot nonetheless. I remember it being on his website long ago but the cd was pulled once he officially signed a deal. So consider this a chance to hear it.

John Legend - Live At Jimmy's Uptown

And as an extra, here's a track that I stumbled across as well...

John Legend - "Money Gone"

And since rap is kinda stale right now as far as new material goes, here's a rare Mary album of unreleased tracks. Honestly, I've never heard of it but the spot where I found it, these cats were going nuts over it because it's apparently hard to come by. Go figure. Give it a listen anyways.

Mary J. Blige - Eight Unreleased Gems Bootleg (2001)

And this is the last from the DC post from yesterday. By all accounts, this is somewhat rare because it's an import so enjoy. Click the pic for a full tracklisting (and to see how much Amazon is charging for this joint lol).

Beyonce - Live At Wembley (2004)

And for reading material, this right here is pure comedic genius. It was pointed out to me on another board I frequent and it's just on point...

College Football = Rappers

Some notable comparisons...

Tulsa/R. Kelly

If you know what Tulsa's nickname is, this should require no further explanation.

Ohio State/50 Cent

True, they get results, but they also get results in a way that makes them nearly impossible to like. Have been known to cause Joey to go on hysteric-filled rants.


No matter how much they publicly embarass themselves, they've always got that one title to fall back on, ending any discussion. Usually manages to piss off everyone at some point.

Florida A&M/Gucci Mane

Took a sniff at going major, and then it was over before it even began.

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