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Aiight...everywhere you look, magazines are on 'Ye's jock. The cover of Time? Number one on Blender's list of the 100 most important people? Features out the ass? Yes, he's doing big things.

Funny part is, I remember years ago, and I mean years, when I heard his name I told my chick that's what I wanted to name my future son because, at least then, it was a name nobody else'd heard lol. So much for that idea.

Is the hype deserved?

Well, view it like this.

Nobody has consistently put out this much quality music in such a short period of time. Not counting anything else but albums, JLegend's joint, Common's latest and Dropout and now Registration...son is on a tear.

Did his sophmore album top his first?

View that like this...

Nas' Illmatic is classic and people have been waiting on him to top it. He won't simply because Illmatic represents that particular point and time in son's life. Instead, he has put out a few strong albums, in particular, It Was Written, which may actually be better than Illmatic. I know that's blasphemous but you get the point.

So I say judge Late Registration as Late Registration and don't try to compare or find similarities between the two. Conceptually, he's done a fairly good job. Lyrically, he's stepped it up a notch. Beat-wise...well it is Kanye.

I've only casually listened to it thus far but right now, these two cuts really stand out to me. I'm sure it'll change, but for the moment, all I need is these two.

Kanye West featuring Adam Levine of Maroon 5 - "Heard'em Say"

This might not be 'Ye but, psssh, it's on the album lol.

Kanye West featuring Common - "My Way Home"

These are the last of the Sade catalog considering we gave you Lover's Live a week or two ago. Hope you're enjoying this collection.

Best Of Sade (1994)

Lover's Rock (2000)

Bob Marley & The Wailers Continued...

Rastaman Vibrations


Rebel Music

Other Music

Let's pray with these recent L.Boogie sightings and rumors that she's back in the studio that the girl comes back with some of that blissful music she was puttin out years ago.

John Legend featuring Lauryn Hill - So High (Cloud 9 Remix)

Dr. Dre featuring Game - "Here We Go Again"

Cam & Juelz over the "Jamrock" beat...fahgetaboutit.

Cam'ron and Juelz Santana - "Murder"

Other Music Related Blogs

And you need to hear "I'm Gone" by Saigon if you in to that misogynistic, "eff a beeyotch" shit. Slide over to CultStatus to hear the track and get a full write-up on the boy Sai. Big ups to the boy from Atlanta, Jawja for this track for real. Shit made my night and put the bright light back on hip-hop for me.

Regnyouth & Friday, August 26th's post.

Coldplay - Acoustic
Alanis Morisette - Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie

Lest we forget, Aaliyah died August 25, 2001.

Puff can have his B.I.G. tributes but I don't think any other tribute touches the personal feel that this joint has with all the different references and memories that Jay shares.


Jay-z - "Missing You (Remix)"

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