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Let Me Put You Up On Game...

Fellas, if you're reading, pay attention.

Step your shoe and haircut game up.

Why? Glad you ask.

Women judge men by these two things first. Not your car. Not your outfit. Not your bank statement.

These two things and these two things solely are the first things they look at.

I promise. I've tested this out by experiment and by simple conversation.

Why do they do it? I'm not 100% sure. I think their moms tell them to or something.

How did I find out? An OG told me to stay "suited and booted." His catch phrase was "I'm looking like a lily in the valley, you standing over the lookin like a goat in the alley." (woo hooo now that's pimp talk if I ever heard it)

What do these things mean to a woman?

If a man has on a nice suit and busted shoes or a messed up hairdo, he doesn't care about the details. He may have money but he doesn't know how to handle it. Or he may have a nice car, but he's behind in the payments. He may have a nice house, but it's prolly filthy as hell. Catch my drift.

To her, this means you'll forget her birthday, the day you all met, where you all spent your first day...all the unimportant stuff to us but still.

However, if he has on a clean, simple outfit and has his hair freshly cut along with a nice pair of shoes, he takes care of all aspects of his life. Actually cares about them.

Is it true? Well, we all front when we meet someone for the first time anyways so that's inconsequential.

Once you get a job, every man should have a nice quality pair of dress shoes. Period. Not Stacey Adams or some bs pair of Giorgio Brutini's. Those are for your Easter suit when you're a young buck.

Once you get a good paying gig, take a couple of nickels and buy yourself a fly pair of dress shoes. A pair that at least retails over $200 (Notice I said "retails". If you can catch a sale, by all means do so).

Am I an authority on this?

Hell yeah...I stay fly. Ask any broad.

My shoe game is on point. I've had upwards of at least 170+ pairs of shoes in my closet at one time. I've got every color of the rainbow. Boots, hard bottoms, sneakers. Croc, alligator, ostritch, butter leather. My most expensive pair of shoes I own ran $1800.

My last pair - Some navy blue Prada loafers that are shitty sharp. Navy blue. How many cats you know rockin blue shoes besides me and Elvis?

My hair stays cut. Twice a week.

Am I metro? Far from it.

For me, a good, sharp, clean haircut gives me "an edge". I feel like my persona is speaking for me well before I say a word and it reads "here comes a suave, smooth s.o.b. who's not to be messed with."

So here's a few songs for you to play real loud and get your cockiness on with while you're in the mirror gettin shitty & primpin' yourself. These songs are guaranteed to boost your swagger by 10% at least.

My personal favorite...

Lloyd Banks - "I'm So Fly"

A prerequisite...

Outkast - "So Fresh, So Clean"

This is just smooth personified in song...

UGK - "Belts To Match"

If you need anymore tips on how to bag chicks, email me. Let me help you help yourself.

While I've got your attention, let me direct you to a funny email I recieved. I was laughing my ass off. Wanna know what it's like to spend time in jail from the eyes of a regular joe? Well, my man Last Man Standing sent me this joint for me to share with his permission....

  • Let me tell you all about it cuzo…

  • Shoutouts to my man who shall now on be referred to as "Cellie" haha.

    More Music

    A requested reup...

    Loopless - Loopless (UK)


    Proof of D12 - Searching For Jerry Garcia

    The last thing Alchemist touched was hot. I haven't listened to this yet but I'm expecting the same thing.

    Alchemist - Alchemist Productions (2005)

    Part 1 Part 2

    Diplomats heat for you suckers (props to Dub Cee)....

    Kochee Presents The Best Of Hell Rell

    Smooth it out and take it back...

    SWV - The Best of SWV

    Maze feat. Frankie Beverly - Maze feat. Frankie Beverly

    Maze feat. Frankie Beverly - The Golden Time Of Day

    Last but not least, here's the video for "Piggybank". In case you forgot, this is the track 50 dissed everybody on. It's definitely worth a look for laughings sake.

    50 Cent - "Piggybank" Video

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