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"Moon Dreams"

Notice the similarities?

They're glaringly obvious.

It's simple.

When I was a little kid, I wanted to be like George Jefferson.

When I got older, Miles became one of those musical cats I admired.

Still don't see the similarities?

Let me point them out.





That air of "I'll say what I want when I damn well feel like it."

Who wouldn't want to be like that in all honesty?

While George was a character, Miles was true life.

Remember Jules' wallet in Pulp Fiction that read "Bad Motherfucker", Miles should've had that.

Miles was alot of bad things.

Drug habit.

A few physical spats with the women in his life.

And, yes, he slept with a lot of women so I guess we'd classify him as a dog.

Short-tempered, at times abrasive and demanding.

But he was alot of good things as well.

He married or was involved with several beautiful women throughout his lifetime.

He broke color barriers in music.

He was indeed rich.

He was, by his own account and others, very much loyal to all of his friends.

Musically, he had classical training as well as the classic "live, learn, try" style.

He mastered or was adept at playing several instruments.

He literally spanned musical generations playing with Dizzy, Bird, Monk, Trane, and Mingus. He apprenticed so many more that came after him.

As the shape of jazz changed, he changed either right in stride with it and almost one step ahead or he was leading the movement.

He was driven to expand the musical canon.

He created.

My personal favorite album...

Kind Of Blue

Part 1 Part 2

Miles Davis - Nefertiti

Miles Davis - Birth Of The Cool FIXED

Miles Davis - Greatest Hits (Columbia)

I would've naturally upped Bitches Brew but I figure most people are familiar with that already. But, if needed, it can be placed here as well.

Other Contributions

Etta James - At Last

Etta James & Louis Armstrong

DJ Envy - The People's Choice 22 (R&B) FIXED
Part 1 Part 2

And to keep it totally off-balance but always fresh...

The Godfather Soundtrack

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