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If you notice every now and then, I change up my title on the right to show various inspirations. Lately, I've had up "Cookiehead" out of respect to my brother, along part of a verse from a track that's been a favorite since it leaked, Young Jeezy's "Make'em Understand" ("Talk To' em" depending on if you familiar with advance or the retail copy).

Cookiehead is trapped in the beast for the next several years and, yeah, I miss my dude just about every day. We all make choices and we pay for them. His situation is no different. But it's not only us that pays for our mistakes but also our families, friends, seeds and other loved ones. Such is life. We don't realize the effects but only in hindsight. To show the world how much my dude meant to me and to make sure his name is remembered, I've taken on his childhood nickname in various incarnations, on and offline. He's got a birthday coming up on the 17th so put one in the air or pour out a little liquor for the homie who ain't here.

The other day I was bumping Maze's "Golden Time Of Day" album for the first time since I got it and came across a melody I recognized.

And then I heard it.

"Like a person needs his soul/Like the winter needs the cold.../like a baby needs to cry/if you go I swear I'd die..."

I recognized the interpolation (I've always wanted to use that word) for Jeezy's song.

The first two verses from Jeezy's track hit home for me on a few levels. They make me really think of Cookiehead and my guy ADawg who passed a few years back, God bless the dead. After hearing the original track, the lyrics to it and the context of the original sample., it only made Jeezy song that much more meaningful similar to hearing Jonny Lang's "Dying To Live" and BIG and Pac's "Running".

Give'em both a listen.

"fuck maintaining I'm moving ahead of the game" - Cookie

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly - "I Need You"

Young Jeezy - "Make'em Understand"

A few other Jeezy tracks that have been buzzing around the net are Jay-z's verse on "Go Crazy" and the remix to "Mic Check" with Juelz. Really, I don't think Jay killed it like he normally does, but it's a good listen. The Juelz joint is show of versatility by both and looks like a Peruvian pure uncut convention with the "Snowman" hookin up "Human Crack In The Flesh." Shoutouts to Dingle at Am I High? for puttin me up on the last one. Watch the Pyrex bubble.

Young Jeezy featuring Jay-z - "Go Crazy" (Remix)

Juelz Santana featuring Young Jeezy - Mic Check" (Remix)

Retro sorta sparked me to do this one after I told him about my Maze-Jeezy experience. $10 Paypal to the first person to name the recent hip-hop tracks that sampled these three*. We didn't change the titles of the mp3's so some of the titles of the og songs might give you a good hint.

Easy...if you can't get this, stop here.

Number One


Number Two

You a boss if you catch this one...

Number Three

* Yeah right but feel free to play along. If it works, we'll hit you off with more of this.

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