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This is the lil homie MyTSharp. Son is a throwback and cool as a fan. Hopefully he's cool enough to let me use his pic lol. For real, he's, unknowingly, put me on a 90's kick recently.

There's nothing better than waking up early on a Saturday morning. Smoking a few cigs and sipping on a cup of Joe. Cleaning & picking up a little, and letting some good music flow in the background.

Yeah...some days it's best to keep it real simple.

You've constantly read Retro speak on the day's when hip-hop was fun and simple. Well, I had De La Soul Is Dead pumping this morning and that sentiment hit me. Think about it, they named the album that because they didn't want the hype and the labels that were becoming attached to their music after 3 Feet High And Rising won critical acclaim. They wanted to keep it simple and pure...and they still do.

Hip-hop was stylish as fuck too. Damn what Big said, Kwame had style with the polka dots and the tornado/swirl in his fade. His music was simple, playful and mad conceited haha.

So since I'm in that mood, here's a few tracks that were mad cool back in the day. New school, take notes.

Kwame - "The Rhythm"

Kwame - "The Man We All Know and Love"

Three Times Dope - "The Greatest Man Alive"

De La Soul - "Talkin Bout Hey Love"

And De La's stuck with that philosophy. I was listening to this track for the millionth time while driving downtown the other day and, for some reason, the lyrics grabbed me and meant alot more for some odd reason. De La's been De La regardless of what the industry did and so has Doom. This song is en fuego and the vibe it has will make it timeless.

De La Soul feat. MF Doom - "Rock Kokane Flow"

Other Music

I got a request for this joint and since I hadn't put it on the Ipod I figured I'd fill the request and satisfy my own musical needs as well.

Stevie Wonder - Songs In The Key Of Life

Disc One

Disc Two

Here's a little extra something that's making the music circles.

Late Registration Japanese Bonus Tracks

Plus, you need to just view this because the powers that be say so. It's prolly one of the best songs on Be so it's fitting it get a video. Only complaint is that he should've added a verse or something. Two minutes is simply not enough for a beat this scorching.

Common - "Be" Video

Bob Marley & The Wailers Continued...

Bob Marley & The Wailers Live

Babylon By Bus



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