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PREFACE - Let me be blunt and say if you miss this post **cough**Russ, Stace**cough** don't ask me to reup shit! This post is loaded with subtle heat.

So we been slackin in a major way without a doubt. We haven't been puttin up as many new releases. So to get ourselves out the corner, consider this the payback. 456 trick!

Craig_David-The_Story_Goes-2005 (Fixed)

Jim Jones - Harlem: Diary of a Summer

PW - smoked

This Alicia Keys' song is crack! The metaphors are real slick. Give it a listen.

Alicia Keys - "Unbreakable"

Kanye's tracks are starting to leak so it's almost a definite that Late Registration will be droppin real real soon. This joint is Kanye and Nas (wow!) and it's def worth a listen.

Kanye West feat. Nas - "We Major"

Since we speaking on Chi-town, here's a new Twista and Pharell for you. I'm not as high on it as others **cough Dingle..hehe**cough** but it's a cool listen.

Twista featuring Pharell - "Lavish"

Remember those old BET commercials for Smooth Grooves? You wanted it but were to cheap to cop? Add me to your Xmas list please. All 4 Discs are in one file. (397 MB) You know the rules - find your own tracklistings.

Smooth Grooves ~ A Sensual Collection (Volumes 1-4)

Add a little variety to your collection with this joint, The Best Of Frank Sinatra

Disc 1 Disc 2

After throwing up Jay's verse yesterday, a lot of cats hit me up for the full remix. Well here it is as well with Fat Joe added in for a little extra umph.

Young Jeezy featuring Jay-z and Fat Joe - "Go Crazy" (Remix)

And here's a Lil Jon & T.I. collabo...

T.I ft. Ciara - "King & Queen"

Do not miss this one if you're a Anthony Hamilton fan. I can almost guarantee you'll love this collection of songs.

Anthony Hamilton - Rare Acoustical Album

Finally, if we don't get some goddamn comments/props for this one (and this post period!), we quit lol!

Someone requested this and I pretty much figured it was impossible. Well, the Lord works in mysterious ways I guess because this joint popped up.

Roy Ayers - Coffy Soundtrack

Crown me!


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