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Not a damn soul...we're going to be stepping away from the cpu for a few days to enjoy a lil R&R with the extended fam in Chi-town. Give us this break and we'll be back strong as ever. So take this last offering and catch up on all we've given you this week.


Any we've had a good response to our summons for your input. Our first entry of many comes from Htowntxballa.

Nowadays, very few rappers can be gifted lyrically and can sing their own hook. When somebody like this comes around, they usually blow up. In the last five or so years, Southern rap has came to the forefront of the industry. Houston rappers have followed the footsteps of N.O. and Atlanta rappers by delivering a different kind of style than the traditional West and East coast rappers. As of right now Lil Flip, Slim Thug and Mike Jones along with Paul Wall are currently getting significant radio play and significant rotation on B.E.T. and M.T.V.

But there is one rapper who exceeds all of them lyrically and can lay a hook down better then most N.Y. rappers. Chamilionaire is one of the few rappers that claims not to be a gangster but just a artist trying to make it. Cham often finds himself in rap beefs because he simply does not pretend to be friends when he knows this not to be the case. He often displays his distaste for the industry and fellow Houston rappers in his songs. He does not sit by and watch “punch line rappers” continue to put out garbage and ruin Houston’s image. Because of this, in Houston, he is known as "The Mixtape Messiah" and "The Truth". Cham strives to satisfy is fans rather then promoters or the “majors”. Unlike some Houston rappers he is always giving props to the late great DJ Screw who revolutionized rap in Houston by blowing up the mixtape scene and inventing a new kind of music called "screw music". While Cham may not have the fame as Flip, Thug or Jones around the nation, he popularity in Houston is enormous, only rivaled by the popularity of UGK. This CD is not a retail CD but a CD I put together. It is cuts of Chamillionaire from songs I have collected. This CD is best to burn as is and jam because it is not the whole songs but just Chamillionaire’s part. Enjoy the next big thing and watch out for Sound of Revenge coming October.

Chamillionaire Mix - Best of Cham

Game's verse that was left off "Crack Music" is now circulating the net. If you thought his verse sounded funny, there's the reason why. Apparently, Kan-man didn't want no beef.

Game's Lost Verse From "Crack Music"

Oh yeah, Stace My Ace hooked me up with these straight. Cut & paste yo.

Young Jeezy "Soul Survivor" featuring Akon video links:

1: (Windows Media High) - (Video)

2: (Windows Media Low) - (Video)

3: (Real Media High) - (Video)

4: (Real Media Low) - (Video)

Mad props to Dominicanalumni from HT for letting us use these, thus giving us the night off lol...whew, it's needed.

Jay-z & Linkin Park - Collison Course

Fabolous - Ghetto Fabolous

Slick Rick - The Ruler's Back

The Diplomats Presents Dipset More Than Music Vol. 1

Big L - The Big Picture

2Pac - Makaveli (The 7 Day Theory)


A Tribe Called Quest - The Love Movement


Mack 10 - Mack 10

8Ball & MJG - Living Legends

Scarface - The World Is Yours

Dmx - And Then There Was X

DMX - The Great_Depression

Jadakiss - Kiss Of Death

112 -Pleasure And Pain

Clinton Sparks Presents Clipse-We Got It 4 Cheap Vol 1

I want to send a public thank you to both these cats for reaching out and hitting us off with their contributions. We do this shit for free and out of love but somedays we get tired lol. Sensing that need and heeding our call, these cats came thru in the cut which is exactly the online community vibe that we wanna see foster and grow around here.


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