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Public Service Announcement

We started this thing out with just one writer, one person presenting music and sending out a daily email to friends. Yeah, straight up underground, Christian Slater "Pump Up The Volume" steez.

At 9 PM CST...

Total 21,223
Average Per Day 1,138
Today 1,032
This Week 7,964

Well, to say the least, we've grown and we need your help.

We're looking to expand even further. "Big tings" as my dread brethren would say.

We're looking for writers, contributors and anyone who wants to pitch in. Your audience awaits you.

Is that you?

Email us.

As well, we're going to be incorporating ads into the look of things. Yeah yeah...we know but we promise it won't clutter your view and won't hamper browsing the site. All we ask is that if you enjoy the site, DON'T PAY US!

That's right. Don't pay us shit!

But, if you want to donate directly, a Paypal donation cart will be up. If you don't want to do that, all we ask that you do is click an ad every so often or a gang of times if we put up that album you been wanting lol. It's "pay per click" for us. You click, we get credit. It's that simple. You continue to get all the music you want. We get a little compensation for all the time we spend updating this joint (and trust, it takes a lot of time to keep it on point).

Last but not least, be sure to check our Regnyouth's, in collaboration with skafunkrastapunk, newest endeavor, Blogger's Lounge. It's free to view (no registration required) and keeps the links upto date throughout the day. Also feel free to add any music related blogs to this area; free registration is required to post.

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