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"Don't Watch Me, Watch TV!"

To understand Juelz, you must understand hip-hop is not Algebra.

It's not that hard.

Good beat.

Catchy lyrics.

Nice hooks or choruses.

Good music.

Now, Juelz isn't the 18th Letter.

He's not heir to the throne.

But he and the rest of the Dips are good at what they do, like it or not.

They use wordplay to their advantage.

A few cool brand names or automobiles mentioned, speak on stacking paper, some new slang, repetition of a key word, choppy, incomplete lines, guntalk, requisite bitch-hoe-bird lyrics.

Deeper down though, if you listen to Juelz, he can actually spit a few ill bars when he chooses to.

And while Cam touches on some subjects indirectly, Juelz speaks about them head on.

Go back and listen to these closely.

Failed relationships? Honesty?

"My Problem (Jealousy)"

A man crying?

"Who Am I?"

Introspective reflection...Okay...I'm reaching on that one lol. But still...

"One Day I Smile"

Straight get down for the ladies?

"Only U (Remix)"

Comical abilities?

"Fuckers And Friends"

Pure RAW energy?


Tell me you ain't holler out "Baaandaaannnaaaaa!" after hearing that joint?

Still not amped? As my son would say, "Peep game, peep play."

They say I walk around like I got a S on my chest
Tech on my left, gangstaz wit me ready to step. (Jeah)
I like a chick wit big breasts on her chest
Not flat lookin like somebody stepped on her chest. (Jeah)
What, (jeah) Shit, (jeah) Fuck, (jeah) Bitch, (Jeah)
You so crazy. (Jeah jeah jeah jeah!)
My niggaz spit the glock (oh so slow whoa)
Rude boi lick a shot (BO BO BO BO!)
Neva seen up in a pot (oh so much coke)
Cook it to a bigga rock (aye aye oh oh)
And I be wit dem gangstaz (jeah), I creep wit the gangstaz (jeah)
Crack a dutch or Philly and cheif cheif wit the gangstaz
I stay wit a lady (jeah), she stay wit a lady (jeah)
They makin me crazy. (Jeah jeah jeah jeah!)
I spray em wit babies (jeah), in they face till they hate me (jeah)
And I'm makin em crazy. (Jeah jeah jeah jeah!)
And they like when I do it (jeah), they like when I move it (jeah)
They like when I work it, they like when I hurt it
I stay icy on purpose, like icy perservers
More than likely I'm the nicest you hearda. Jeah!

"More Gangsta Music"

When this track comes on, I immediately start shouting out all the adlibs, the "jeahs", hop around like a wild ape and literally lose my mind!

If you can't vibe to this verse, see the adrenaline Juelz would say "Commit That!"

Either way, don't sleep on Human Crack.

Juelz Santana - From Me To U

You ever heard a thoro cat, a head who you respect musically, tell you "Man I don't fuck with 50. I wish dude would spit his old shit!" This is the album they talkin about right here without a doubt plus these other joints.

Power Of A Dollar

No Mercy No Fear

Behind Bars

Guess Who's Back Again?

Paul is my dude. Fab's brother, nice flow, rugged voice. I love this cat although I'm pretty sure he's never gonna blow.

Best Of Paul Cain Vol. 2

I gotta give the boy Dally Dally straight up props for diggin and bringin on this joint. If for nothing more than reminding me what a serious song "Wolf Tickets" was. If you don't know, I suggest you Amazon the tracklisting to remember why this shit is neccessary.

The Click - Game Related

And since Dally sparked it, we gonna give you a little West West love.

Respect the architects of this gangsta shit.

Eazy E - Eazy Does It

N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton

N.W.A. - Niggas For Life

Stray Shots


Filefront has been buggin today but we'll still throw a backup link from them just in case.

Backup Link

Ghostface Killah - "Be Easy"

John Legend feat Van Hunt and Joss stone - "Family Affair"

All-Star feat. Young Jeezy - "Young Rich Nigga"

Mariah Carey feat Jay-Z & Young Jeezy - "Shake It Off" (Remix)

Whiney_Houston-The_Preachers_Wife Soundtrack

Waiting To Exhale Soundtrack

Password is smoked

Teddy Pendegrass Greatest Hits

Password is foot

Love to LouiePo and Dally for the continued contributions.

Oh yeah....Jay says he is not done. Well, not exactly.

Somebody bout to get it lol. Wanna place bets? I got my dough on Game, Cam and Jimmy.

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