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Taste Of Texas

Aight this time instead of just one artists out that Lone Star State. I am gonna give yall a lil Taste of Texas. My first two posts where ova Chamillionaire and Bun B of UGK but thats not only people going hard down in Texas. Gonna drop all little Boss Hogg Outlaws (Slim Thugs group) on yall. Also Mike Jones old partner in crime Magnificient aka Magno. I am gonna go way back with some old school SUC (Screwed Up Click) shit. And of course I drop some more Chamillionaire stuff (some older stuff) cause I am addicted to this dude. Also got some other stuff to check out if your not familiar or up to date with H-Town rap.

Boss Hogg Outlawz (BHO)
Most of you know about Slim Thug with recent hits "3 Kings", "I Ain't Heard of That", and "Like a Boss", but I bet alot of yall, not from Texas, know about his group the Boss Hogg Outlawz. Before Slim Thug's new album, him and the rest the crew where wreckin the local mixtape scene in Houston. Slim Thug got started rapping on the old Swisha House mixtapes but after that he started his own record label. He named his label Boss Hogg Outlawz because he drove a convertible Cadillac that was similar to Boss Hogg on the television show "Dukes of Hazzard." The BHO crew consists of: Slim Thug, Killer Kyleon, Chris Ward, PJ (the Rap Hustla), and Sir Daily.

Boss Hogg Outlawz Mix

Magnificient aka Magno
Alright alot of people never heard of this dude....plain and simple he wrecks tracks. He use to rap with Mike Jones and they had a cd called First Round Draft Picks. In Houston most people thought Magno wrecked the CD but with Mike Jones the CD was almost couldn’t be listened to. Mike Jones popularity grew in other states with his repetitive flows and his constant shouting of his name. As this happened Magno started to get left behind ad Mike Jones started to go mainstream. Mike Jones started to spread rumors that Magno wasn't comming to shows or that Magno was playing basketball while they where trying to make records, because of this Magno split with Mike Jones and started his own label called Wildlife Records.

Magno Mix

Screwed Up Click (SUC)
Before Watts and OG Ron C and all them other DJ’s that slow down and chop their was the infamous DJ Screw, who invented that shit. The Screwed Up Click has/had a wide-range roster of Houston Rappers like Lil Keke, Big Pokey, Fat Pat and Botany Boys. Others like Lil Flip and Z-Ro will always be heard yelling out SUC or DJ Screw in their raps. At one time SUC had around 30 or so members. The SUC really gave Houston its own identity and any rapper coming out of Houston gives props to the late great DJ Screw. Screw died in 2000 leaving the art of screw to Watts and Ron C. To learn more about DJ Screw hit up VH1's biography on him, I was surprised that they did such a good job.

Screwed Up Click Mix

Aight I got some more Chamillionaire songs for you guys. They mostly just some old school flows. Don't think I need to say anything more about him as I wrote a thing on him so if you wanna know more hit that up. Here is his website but it don't look like it been updated in a long time

Chamillionaire Mix

Here some other Houston songs for you guys Just some songs by SPM and other popular Houston songs, so if you up to date with Houston rap then you prolly got most of this but it may still be worth the DL but if you don’t have much Houston stuff, this link is a MUST for you to hit up.

Houston's Finest

Here some songs just chopped n screwed. Here what's in the link: Cash Money - Get Your Shine On, Game - Put you on the game, 2-pac/Biggie/Akon - Getto Remix, TI - ASAP, Bone Thugs - Extasy. K, some these songs have Boss Hogg Outlawz as the file name that just cause I took em off some CD's of theirs and was to lazy to change it.

Screwed Mix

Down here we say already. Does Houston have the best rappers? Already. You bout your paper? Already. You blow dank? Already. You sip drank? Already. Do I got some other hot songs for you yall? Already. I just uploaded all these so I know they work.

Pitbull - "Oh No He Didn't"

Lil Keke, Slim Thug, Hawk, Bun-B, Trae – "What U Know About"

Big Tymers - "Saturday Night"

Luda Ft Lil Flip – "Screwed Up"

Slim Thug & ESG – "Braids & Fades" (Chopped and Screwed)

UGK - "Front, Back and Side To Side"

Sly Boogy – "Keep on Hustlin"

Ghostface - "Be Easy"

Rhatt ft Akon - "Exclusive"

Riflemen - "Telecommunications"

The Coup - "Takin' These"

Words by HtownTXballa

Stray Shots

The Fugees - "Take It Easy"

Destiny's Child - "Stand Up For Love"

50 Cents - "Window Shopper"

50 Cents - "Hustler's Ambition"

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