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"Reading Rainbow"

So DubCee helped me out today (

The support we've been offered recently and the feedback we've recieved has been tremendous. Thanks to all that have helped. And yes, we still need you to help as well.

I had a magnificent wordy post that I wanted to up but got a little busy so I'll save that for you all.

Today, we'll stick with what we know best and that's music.

Dub always manages to stay up on the latest mixtape releases and hits me up at least three times per week with new requests.

He runs me ragged and works my goddamn nerves.

But I do the same to him in regards to older hip-hop and such so it's vice-versa.

Plus, I got love for Dub because he's my bestest e-friend, straight up.

I love you sir no homo.

The latest and prolly the biggest news in hip-hop is
Kan-man's blowup and lashing out at Dubya. On live television nonetheless.

Was it correct?

In ways. I mean, it's not only Black folk suffering in the NO. It's more of a class issue but since the majority of the folk in that lower class are Black, inadvertantly...

Was it warranted?

Fuck yeah.

It's understood that nobody was really prepared. I think it's commonly misunderstood that the actual hurricane isn't what caused the most damage. It was after that the levees and all hell broke loose simulatenously.

But, Dubya didn't respond quick enough. Period. And, the buses, ambulances, etc. didn't show up til Friday when the President was scheduled to make his appearance in the area. Talk about putting on a show.

True story, I'm glad to finally some artists taking a stand on major political issues. Kanye's definitely not the first but he is one of the first big name artists to take an anti-establishment stance on big issues.

I wonder what he has to say about who the next Supreme Court Justices should be lol.

Well, in case you missed it, here's Kanye. Peep Mike Myers face like "what the hell are you doing?" lol.

Kanye Live At The Red Cross Benefit (NBC)

I've felt like our mixtape game has been lacking here recently as my personal aural tastes have changed so today's effort was a direct attempt to give you new shit to rock this week on the hip-hop tip.


Big Mike - The Big Boy Game V.5

DJ Whoo Kid & 50 Cent - G-Unit Radio Part 13

Stack Bundles & Carmello Anthony-Who's Next Mixtape

pw is TBFile2

Casual - Presents Smash Rockwell


PW for the last two is E-MARV

Skillz - Confessions Of A Ghostwriter

Makaveli and Game - Hurricane Game

Last entry is a mixtape by a new Black Wall Street signee.


Stray Shots...

Young Buck - "Just Gimme Mine"

Nas - "Road To Zion"

Bizzy Bone - "I'm A Bone"

Saving the very best for last...

I know alot of cats been waiting on this joint. Haven't had a chance to peep it but it will definitely get a full review in the next few days.

Little Brother - The Minstrel Show

PW is bob

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