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Ahh...if you call them, they will come.

I get to parlay again today and let my man H-Town handle the writing duties. Be glad because otherwise you wouldn't be gettin a damn thing over the weekend from us. Updating this joint on the weekend isn't one of our stronger points as we like to live a little too yunno.

Only thing I want to add is a heartwarming story from the disaster that is New Orleans. We've pretty much steered clear of even addressing it but this story will probably warm the coldest of hearts.

Survivor Story: 6-Year-Old Leads Five Toddlers, Baby To Safety


UGK is the most copied/sampled/respected rap group from Houston and maybe in all of the South. UGK (Underground Kingz) could be considered the most successful Southern rap duo, rivaled only by Eightball and MJG. UGK has been coming out hard since 1988 but it wasn’t until there 1996 alubm “Riding Dirty” that they became some of the most popular rappers in the South. With songs like “Murder” and “Choppin Blades” UGK’s popularity would grow to underground legend status. In 1999, UGK was featured on “Big Pimpin” by Jay-z and also apperead on the hit single” Sippin' On Some Sizzurp” by fellow Southern rappers Three Six Mafia, later in 2000.

UGK are not only the kingz of the underground but also icons of the South. If you had/have an album from the South and you want it to sell you better have UGK on your cd. It seemed nothing could stop this H-Town duo but on January 28, 2003 Pimp C was incarcerated on an aggravated gun assault charge. Pimp C is currently serving an eight year sentence but is hoping to get out early. Some successes has been made on his case and he is eligible for parole soon. Even though his partner Pimp C was locked up, Bun B still remained a mainstay in the South collaborating with every Southern rapper out today. Bun B is often called the legend himself and the coldest nigga on the planet. This is because his rhymes are hard and to the point and each verse is laid out to perfection.

Fellow Southern rappers always give props to UGK because they know the consequences if they don’t (fewer record sales and less street cred). Always showing respect to UGK, every rapper has something good to say about them:

"Pimp C and Bun B, they legends and heroes — not just in Houston and parts of Texas, but across the South," says Paul Wall, a native of Houston, UGK's adopted hometown.

"They not only pioneers for Southern music above all, but they're pioneers for the gangsta music and the culture that we live here in Texas. They was speaking the truth on that type of stuff for the longest." "They laid the foundation for the South and they never really got their credit," David Banner says. "You know how Jay-Z is to New York? UGK was Jay-Z to us, but they never got any credit [nationally] until they did a song with Jay-Z [1999's "Big Pimpin' "]. Pimp C by far is one of the tightest producers ever."

You can see fans and local rappers like Chamillionaire wearing "Free Pimp C" T-shirts and caps, and MCs are shouting out Pimp on their records. "Maybe, at one time, I motivated them to do what they doing now," Pimp says. "But right now, being where I'm at, those guys are motivating me to keep going. When I hear a T.I. in his interviews speaking of us in a good way, when I hear my name on a Slim Thug song -these guys are motivating me. They're telling me, 'Hey man, we want you to come back to the game. You can come back."

In the meantime there is just Bun B, one-half of the most respected group from the South. Again this cd just a cd I made from a bunch of songs Bun-B has been on. Best to burn on a cd and listen. Watch out for Bun's solo album called “Trill” supposed to drop sometime this month (Billboard says on the 13th). Enjoy and have a Swisher Sweet and a smile.

Bun B - Trill Azz Bun B Cutz

Ok I also got some singles for yall Enjoy. Sorry if some have already been posted I just picked some songs that have re-discovered over the last couple of weeks.

This song is really hot. It will be on his new album called Trill. Pick this up.

Bun B "Draped Up"

This song has to be hard! I mean its Twista and UGK so how could it be bad?

Twista & UGK – "Playa"

This track has a great beat and Stat goes off and Bun does his thing as usual.

Stat Quo & Bun B - "U Aint Know"

Ya ya I know its Master P and he really hasn’t been good in a while but this song is tight with Young Buck. Master P spits “Ill show you what Shaq shoulda done to Kobe and slap you in your mouth." Too funny because its true.

Master P ft Young Buck - "Keep Yappin"

This is Cham's version of that Kanye song. Pick this up as he sings a FANTASTIC hook.

Chamillionaire – "Down"

Just talking about that chronic smoke. Catchy hook.

Big Boi and Killer Mike – "Kyrptonite"

This is for everybody that hates "So Icey" ( I really hate it). Pick this up if you wanna hear a straight raw diss to Gucci Mane. Jeezy rips this TI beat.

Young Jeezy - "Stay Strapped" (Gucci Mane Diss)

Memph Bleek freestyle to 50’s hit. Classic M.Bleek.

Memphis Bleek - "I'm Supposed To Die Tonite" Freestyle

It’s a good, although short, Game diss.

Memphis Bleek - "It's M.E.M." (Game Diss)

If you don’t got this pick it up. It is off Mobb Deep’s 2004 album Amerikaz Nightmare. Nate on the hook of course.

Mobb Deep ft. Nate Dogg - "Dump"

You already know what your gonna hear on this song so no need to even say anything. Classic Busta and ODB.

Busta Rhymes ft. Ol' Dirty Bastard - "Where's Your Money"

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