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"Downtown Swingas"

I don't give a fuck if M.O.P. signs with G-Unit.

They deserve it.

Yeah, in a way, it's sorta prostituting themselves.

But if any cats should be gettin money and eating off this rap shit, it's these dudes.

It's gonna turn out like everybody else.

They're "past their prime" and their relevance to today's youth is minimal.

But, when they was hot, nobody was fuckin with these dudes.

New cats gonna be like "what's the fuss?"

Listen to this joint.

"Calm Down"

Mash Out was one of the first crews to come out straight yellin' and screamin' that "smack the shit out you" shit.

They always tandemed up well over Premo's beats to produce that real boom bap.

Words to describe them...






gun talk

So when they sign a big deal with Fiddy and cash in, I ain't mad.

Plus, I'd almost be shook to speak out against these two cats.

They seem like they'd smack the shit out anybody.

And they the reason I sign off with...


Other M.O.P. albums

Contributed by Sc4rFac3

Warriorz (2000)

Full Clips

David Banner - Certified

pw is dukins

Lt. Dan always comes thru with some good mixes. And teaming with Bun is always a good look.

DJ_Lt_Dan_And_Bun_B_Presents_Its_G oing_Down_Vol._2

Masta Ace - Disposable Arts

DJ Clue - Fidel Cashflow Mixtape

Slug & MURS - Felt 2

J.R. Writer - Writer's Block Parts One & Two

Part One

Part Two

A personal favorite for an added touch.

Black Rob - Life Story

Oh yeah...time to bitch and complain.

Alot of music. More visitors. Less comments.

Where the fuck they doin that at?

You getting music?

You reading?

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