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Since Dally got the spot poppin and visitors are out the roof, I'mma use this time to say something.

Joe Budden is THE shit.

Joey deserves more respect.

Some of his recent shit, subpar.

I credit that to some label bullshit clouding his vision and trying to lead him in a different direction to sell records.

Joey is best at tellin stories, specifically about his life.

He's best at spitting metaphors and similies, and not trying to craft party tracks.

The man must sit and watch CNN, ESPN and other shows and just write because his shit is always current, relevant and comedic as fuck.

"it's a few rappers that's quick to joans/so i just turn they song off and think 'sticks and stone'"

"...with no watch b/just my regular shit on/t-shirt, rubberband tellin me 'Livestrong'"

"...and the boys thinkin it something that's sweet/I'm Lance Armstrong/Keep gettin accussed of somethin I beat"

"...just say what i feel/just like Kanye West live standin next to Mike Myers/up like gas prices/might be on private jet/while you at Exxon 'gimme 5 reg'"

" niggas ain't men/ya'll girls/niggas couldn't bench what i curl/shouldn't be a question bout your favorite rap/but my label got me questioning my favorite rapper/so i bogart/no squad or Ciallis needed to go hard..."

Was that a shot at Jay? Hmm....

"as if ya'll needed to be reminded/I don't look for trouble/i just help a nigga find it/A&R's feel like everybody's the one/i walk around feelin like everybody my son/shorty feelin the god/ i can't blame/ain't kick down the door/but came thru like Kramer..."

"...on my Eric Benet shit/fuck everything"

Man oh man....dude is sick.

These plus "3 Sides 2 A Story" from yesterday (go back and get it)...Jumpoff back on his grizzly.

Joe Budden Freestlye Part 1

Joe Budden Freestlye Part 2

And you just needed this. A retail tribute with a lot of different artits.

So Amazing: An All Star Tribute to Luther Vandross

PW is Beat Snatcher

Aiight...Dally's really on some David Banner/Incredible Hulk shit.

But now, like some old tag team wrestling shit, Dominicanluimi has joined him on this shit.




There's no way I can intro what we're about to show you lol.

Give them some comments either in this post or on the side for what I'm bout to present to you.

Click below, sit back and scroll.

The Link To Hades

And we're about to cross the 50,000 mark in visits.

I, personally, Gotty, on behalf of everybody affiliated, want to thank everyone for the constant encouragement. Like I said, this shit started out as a small daily email to a circle of about 20+ friends, just shoot'em them off-the-wall selections to get'em thru the day.

And now, we got a whole lotta friends and hopefully we're helping you get thru the day with a smile.

To quote the Goodie M.O.B.

"People don't use our music to get high/They use our music to get by"

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