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"You Must Learn...."

If Donny Hathaway or Stevie Wonder ever took the time to sit down and strum an acoustic guitar, chances are that the soulful creation of
their efforts would have sounded alot like Raul Midon's.

That pretty much sums it up.... On his debut Pop/R&B/Jazz (with light
Latin undertones) cd, "State of Mind," he draws from both of his
musical inspirations, even managing to get Stevie himself to jam on
the harmonica on the cut, "Expressions of Love," while dedicating the
track "Sittin' in the Middle," to the late great Hathaway, in a style
that would have made the man proud.

In addition to Stevie Wonder, Jason Mraz makes a guest appearance,
jamming and harmonizing beautifully with Midon on "Keep on Hoping."

Raul is a very accomplished singer and guitar player, but still a bit
raw as a songwriter when it comes to being consistent. Perhaps this is
because he is trying to paint vivid pictures, that he himself is only
able to see with his mind's eye, being blind since birth.

The following song should give some perspective to what it must be
like to be deprived of something as basic, yet as taken for granted as

"All in Your Mind"

Stand with me on the riverbank
Where the cool wind brushes our face
You are welcome to do nothing at all
In the lonesome of this sheltered space
Through my eyes you can see the world
Well you might be surprised what you'll find
A cool wind and a warm touch
And a moment that is all in your mind
And if you find a reason to change your point of view
Might be the time and season for doing
What you've always wanted to do

Put my thoughts on a single page
But the paper didn't have any lines
For painting pictures of magic and light
And a moment that is all in your mind
Yeah, it's all in your mind
It's all in your mind
It's all in your mind

And if you find a reason
To change your point of view
Might be the time and season
For doing what you've always wanted to do
What you wanted to do

Thought to call you the other day
But I figured that you don't have the time
For painting pictures of magic and light
And a moment that is all in our minds
It's a moment that is all in your mind.
And it might be that it's all in your mind.

Raul Midon - State Of Mind


Peace B Un2 U,

CoolHand Luke

Rings Of Smoke

Fuck a greatest hits. Take Ike in his purest form in these four albums.

Isaac Hayes

Black Moses

Hot Buttered Soul


...To Be Continued

PWs = magic

David Banner - Certified (Retail)

Mack 10 - The Hustler's Handbook

Kanye. John Legend. Seventeen piece orchestra. Nuff said. Stolen from Dingle who stole it from OkayPlayer's site lol.

Kanye West - Live Performance At Abbey Road Fresh Link

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This is classic material, pure Saturday morning soul. Recommended highly.

Donny Hathaway - Extension Of A Man Fresh Link

Understand, nobody can loves the Neps/Skateboard P/N.E.R.D./Clipse/Reup Gang more than my man Dingle over @ Am I High. When I heard it was coming out, I just kept an eye over there and waiting on him to alert the world. Well, wait no longer.

"I sell nose candy ... Willy Wonka"

"I'm Emeril with the pie,
stirring in the pot,
then add that fire to it,
bam, kick it up a notch!"

"You and meeee...Bape, Ice Cream, and B-BC...Just because we skate down the roads, don't mean we can't slam Phantom doors..."

Clinton Sparks And The Clipse- Reup Gang Presents We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2

Most Wanted

Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus

Tela - Piece of Mind

If you got those, get at us.

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