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"Although We Homies And We No Longer Hang..." know you know me and the love still remains"

I've been listening to AZ's AWOL a lot recently.

I've always admired dude and felt like his presence has never been fully recognized in the game.

Always lyrical. Always parred with good beats but never the ones that would push him over the top.

One track in particular off his new joint caught me this morning as I was driving to work. "Never Change" is a story. Normally, I get tired of "story" tracks quick fast but this one held my intrest.

It reminds me of coming of age and leaving the hood mentality.

I can't do the same things or react the same way to situations that I used to because there's more on the line. My daughter, my job and salary, my family, my reputation that exists outside the streets.

Before, it was weigh the situation, plot, attack.

Now, it's weigh it out, weigh it again and then move accordingly.

Either way, it's always let the chips fall where they may.

Because of this, alot of dudes have gotten for passes in the past few years. Some didn't lol. But alot more did than didn't.

Today, when a young soldier asks me for advice on the game, I give him two versions - one for the long term, the other from the street rules we live by.

As well, the track reminded me of how the hood looks out for the few who make it out.

Peep the lyrics...

"...we joked about how police choked him out
and he claimed as far as fame
I had enough to bust in Oprah's mouth
In other words I was up in clout
And from the curb I to pull a Larry Bird before I'm up and out
Without a sound snatched my Guniess off the ground
rose up gave him a pound
and told homie hold it down.."

The story goes on & of course death is inevitable.

...It's doe or die
we survive til we slain
and it's no suprise homie was prolly high when they came
I know the guy he was fly, him and I was the same
A Gemini with a style that symbolizes in his name
Godly-trained he could camoflauge in any terrain
Cartie' frames we go back like Bartles and James...

...somebody please slowly explain
if they just wanted some jewels
why they ain't go for the chain
if they just wanted some news
they could've left him in his Hanes
But, no, they just left the nigga breathless in vain"

I can't paint the pic as good as A does so you'll have to listen and at the same time know that there's some of us out here with homies like this, been thru situations like this and had to deal with them.

And the streets still tug at those people's hearts.

If you don't listen to anything else today, check for this joint.

AZ - "Never Change"

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Note - In the link, change .ebc to .rar then download


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Other Music

Paul Wall - The People's Champ (2 Discs)


And this joint was/is a favorite.

Carl Thomas - Emotional

No lie. I've already stated my hip-hop love had been waning and I'd been cheating on her with other genres. But, then I found this joint again and it got stuck on repeat for a few days. It was like aural Viagra for me because I swear it got me listening to alot more hip-hop again.

I ain't sure how the rest of the world recieved it but the backpack set swore by this joint. Really though, nobody can front on this joint, the lineup presented, the's all quality shit without a doubt.

Rawkus Records Presents Soundbombing Two

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