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"Shut Up Bitch!"

That's not me talking.

That's the name of one of Lil Kim's singles.

For some reason, The Source saw fit to grant Ms. Jones five mics.

Let me show you that again.



Meaning = Hip-Hop Classic.

You can click those pics to blow them up and read them for yourselves.

"Shut Up Bitch!" is cool hot.

"Lighters" is okay.

Five mics?

Shut up Source!

Don't get me wrong. Kim usually comes thru and nobody gives her credit.

But THAT much credit?

This is a woman who's had albums written by B.I.G. and Cam.

Those albums didn't get pub.

A woman gettin five mics?

No disrespect to the ladies but only a few have even come near such credit.

If MC Lyte came back with a vengeance, I might believe five mics.

If The Source went back and gave The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill five mics, I wouldn't flinch.

But Kim?

The Source's record rating system has been out of wack for a while.

Politics and bullshit. Worse than payola & radio.

But this borders on absurdity.

I remember when The Source was relevant.

But, since they've been preoccupied with Em, they've slipped the past few years.

Now, I doubt I'll be buying another issue but we'll wait on the albums release before passing judgement.

Still, their journalistic integrity leaves a lot to be desired.

My how things change.

Have a listen for yourself though.


"Shut Up Bitch"

Today, we present to you nothing "new" but maybe new to you. This is a cool Nas album to own since it contains prolly one of his best songs, "Street Dreams" Remix.

1. Life's A Bitch (Arsenal mix) (feat. AZ)
2. One Love (LG Main mix)
3. It Ain't Hard To Tell (Remix)
4. Sweet Dreams (Remix feat. R. Kelly)
5. Affirmative Action (Remix edited version; feat. Foxy Brown & AZ)
6. One Mic (Remix)

Nas - From Illmatic To Stillmatic - The Remixes

And since we already on Nas, this is a good add to the collection.

01 - just another day in the projects
02 - live at the barbeque (ft. main source, akinyele)
03 - back to the grill (ft. mc serch, chubb rock, lover tone)
04 - everything is real
05 - i'm a villain
06 - life's like a dice game
07 - understanding (ft. a.z.)
08 - number one with a bullet (ft. kool g rap, white boy)
09 - nas will prevail
10 - deja vu

Nas - Pre-Illmatic

And this joint was really made Black Moon and the whole Beatminerz crew official in my eyes. When the "I Gotcha Opin" remix came out on mixtapes, heads was turning. "Six Feet Deep" and "Murder MC's" were straight vinyl rarities that were hard for even the best crate cats to find. To finally have these cuts assembled on a cd was a godsend. So to see this pop up, I had to grab it and pass it along.

1. How Many Emcees - DJ Evil Dee Remix
2. Act Like U Want It - DJ Evil Dee Remix
3. Sh*t Iz Real (New Buckshot Vocals)
4. Son Get Wrec - DJ Evil Dee Remix
5. U Da Man - DJ Evil Dee Remix
6. Buckshots Freestyle Joint
7. F*ck It Up
8. I Got Cha Opin - (Remix)
9. Buck Em Down - (Remix)
10. Murder MC's
11. Headz Ain't Redee
12. Six Feet Deep

Black Moon - Diggin In The Vaults

I'm adding this because I needed a track off here last week and I figure somebody else might as well. Certified and Gotty-approved.

Streets is Watching Soundtrack

Stray Shots


Cece Winans - Purified

Password is dukins

Ying Yang Twinz - United States Of Atlanta

Password is foot.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Bone 4 Life


Personally, I'm dying to hear AKeys' Unplugged album. If you are too, this should tide the both of us over.

1 - My Boo feat. Usher [not on album]
2 - If I Ain't Got You feat. Usher
3 - If I Ain't Got You (Kanye West remix)
4 - You Don't Know My Name
5 - You Don't Know My Name (remix) feat. Freeway
6 - Juiciest
7 - Girlfriend
8 - Karma
9 - Diary feat. Tony Toni Tone
10 - Fallin'
11 - Fallin' (remix) feat. Busta Rhymes & Rampage
12 - Streets Of NY feat. Nas & Rakim
13 - Gangsta Lovin' feat. Eve
14 - Warrior feat. Nas
15 - Jane Doe
16 - "The Life" Freestyle feat. Funkmaster Flex
17 - A Woman's Worth
18 - A Woman's Worth (remix) feat. Nas
19 - Brotha (remix) feat. Eve & Angie Stone
20 - How Come You Don't Call Me
21 - How Come You Don't Call Me (remix)
22 - Killing Me Softly (LIVE)
23 - Loving You
24 - If I Was Your Woman (Walk On By)
25 - When You Really Love Some
26 - Wake Up

DJ Keys - Alicia Keys-The Ultimate Collection

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