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Small Update

A few small updates....

One, I/we asked for contributions and we recieved a decent response over the past few weeks. It's appreciated and we wanted to show that by recognizing a few cats that have been gettin in it with us. Take time to view the link to the right or clicking here & be sure to shoot'em a comment.

Speaking of comments, we're gonna make it even easier for you to post a comment with the added comment box on the right. You don't have to leave the main screen so take thirty seconds and post a word or two. As well, the original comments section after the post has been changed so you don't have to travel from screen to screen as we've added a pop-up box for the comments. Let us know which one you prefer, pop-up or the sidebar.

We've also added a donations button directly linked to Paypal. We all have Paypal. We all end up with that small odd amount leftover. Did you like an album? Did you like a feature? Are you tired of us asking you questions haha? Donate! No contribution is too small.

As always, click a damn if you like this place. Put at least a little paper in our pockets lol.

And we'll continue to strive to make this place just a little better.

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