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These two albums here came out when I was smooth. I was "Supaman Lover." Right about 21, learning to actually appreciate women, at least I thought, hip-hop was in it's infancy stages of it's bling stage and cats were partyin' and baggin chicks like a buffet line. And, these two albums were soundtracks to the after-party and prime baby-making pieces. Christion's "Full Of Smoke" was just hustler's R&B by the Roc and the man Chico had just got out the pen so how could a knucka not relate lol.

Christion - Ghetto Cyrano

PW is soultaliban

Chico Debarge - Long Time No See

PW is chico

As well, I was browsing Bending Corners and I'd like to highly recommend the albums Nu Standards and Modes and Moods. How would I describe them to the average listener to encourage them to give these two a listen? This is the smooth's elevator/waiting room music you ever heard lol. Real talk, the descriptions given on BC are just what they are so if you like or are vaguely interested in jazz, give'em a listen.

Oh yeah, Aaron McGruder ("The Boondocks") called for it long ago. Now it seems it's really time to stop watching BET. I stopped long ago & I hope you see fit to do the same.

Lastly, we're still looking for writers & contributors. Get at us.

Long ago, we promised to try to always open your eyes to different artists and genres and we're sticking to it. There's so much out there in the world of music that you can't pigeon-hole yourself to certain artists or just one type. Remember what P-Funk used to say "Free your mind and your ass will follow."

Now, I pass the keyboard to the homie Coolhand Luke ...

Marc Broussard is clearly musically influenced by every style under the sun.... and in my opinion effortlessly melds them all together...The cd is very eclectic and there is not one filler track.

What moves me about this kid is that the soul in his music transcends his color. As a music fan and first and foremost a fan of Soul music, a song has to have some element of Soul to it for me to really feel inspired by it. My definition of soul doesn't necessarily require that the song have a Black sound, but that the artist performing is leaving everything on the stage or recording booth, entirely baring their heart and soul. I'm talking, I want to see them wear themselves out and sing themselves hoarse. They need to emote their most hidden feelings, yet make it feel almost comfortable and familiar to me, like I've lived the very words they sing. That's what a good artist or a good song does for me, personally. This is exactly what Marc Broussard's "Carencro," does for me.

Broussard started as an indy artist who basically flew under the radar until he signed with Island Def Jam. For his big label debut, he did write some radio friendly tunes, but you can really tell that he pours himself into the funk/blues/soul styled cuts that I've recommended and those songs are indicative of who he is as an artist; racial stereotypes be damned, this boy has souuuul.

Highly recommended tracks:

The Beauty Of Who You Are
Come Around
Lonely Night In Georgia
Let Me Leave

The last track in that list could have been done 40-50 years ago by any of
the soul legends. I would probably kill to hear someone like the late great Otis Redding or Bill Withers sing it.

Marc Broussard - Carenco


A live cover of Donny Hathaway's classic. This must be heard to be believed.

Marc Broussard - "A Song For You"

A live version of "Let Me Leave."

Marc Broussard - "Let Me Leave"

Citizen Cope is the stage name of Clarence Greenwood, a modern day beatnik/poet for the hip-hop generation. He started as the DJ of a Washington DC (local to me) hip-hop band called Basehead and later
set off on his own.

Cope is a musician in every sense of the word,
playing multiple instruments with ease, and when it comes to being a
storyteller, he's really second to none. His sound has hints and
undertones of just about anything you can imagine: hip-hop, blues,
jazz, pop, soul, reggae, and folk..

In regards to his style, the man himself sums it up best:

"It might sound corny, but for me music should be able to transcend
all boundaries," Cope says, "Society has a way of trying to set
limits, but there are no limits in music. I don't believe in style
over substance, for me it's all about the song. I like bringing
together guys from different musical genres, be it go-go, hip-hop or
rock, and just follow where the music takes us."

I first bought this cd a few years back after hearing it 24/7 at a record store I pulled a part-time shift at. I find myself almost hypnotized by his keyboard playing, but I am quickly brought back to earth by the message imbedded in his music. I later went to see the guy in concert (at a small venue in D.C.) and he is one of the most down-to-earth cats I’ve met in my whole life. Cope’s vibe is nothing but positive and you can’t help but feel good after leaving his show or listening to his cd. If response is good to this, I’ll happily upload his follow-up, “The Clarence Greenwood Recordings.”

Highly recommended tracks:

If There's Love
200,000 (In Counterfeit 50 Dollar Bills)
Comin' Back
Holdin' On

"Salvation" is more soul stirring than a song should be allowed to be.
Kinda like a "Devil Went Down To Georgia" for urbanites.

Citizen Cope - Citizen Cope

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