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Recently, we've gotten heavy feedback from around the globe in regards to this thing of ours. Shoutouts and props along with contributions to write and drop new music. And since we like to bring all types of flavors to the mix, today seemed like an excellent day to start gettin it in.

So I called on my man Raj to fill in and drop some jewels about hip-hop on his side of the globe. That's right, we international motherfuckers. Deal with it and dig the words he drops on you.

I finally got this UK rap organised and uploaded. This is the first of a few instalments. The first 2 guys I am introducing you to are 2 of the biggest names to have come out of the UK Garage scene. UK Garage has been around for awhile now and it’s mainly based in London. Both Dizzee Rascal and Wiley are from the streets; they know what the rough streets of London are like, how gun crime is a real problem…Dizzee even got stabbed in Ayia Napa a while back. One thing about these 2 dudes here is that its not all about the money or the bling or the bitches. These guys are spitting about their life, life on the street, growing up in East London and I think that is one major difference between some of cats dropping shit in America and the UK rappers/mc’s.

Firstly Mr. Rascal! Dizzee first exploded onto the scene almost 3 years ago. He already had a name in the underground and slowly built his name up commercially. His voice is very distinctive making his different from the competition, kinda like how DMX was different to all the other rappers when he first exploded.

Dizzee’s first release was “I Luv U”; the tune which unleashed Dizzee to the outside world! 2 other hot tracks on the album are “Fix Up Look Sharp” and “Jus A Rascal”. “Fix Up Look Sharp” was once labelled as the UK version of Clipse’s “Grindin”! Some of the tunes on this album are poorly produced, but there’s no doubting this guys got big talent. Here in the UK we got an award called the Mercury Music Prize. Awarded yearly, the prize celebrates the best in British music, and in 2003, Dizzee became the first rapper to win the award. For a debut album, I think that speaks volumes about how Dizzee is regarded in the UK.

Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner

Secondly we got Wiley. Born and raised in East London, Wiley grew up with Dizzee. Wiley is a part of Roll Deep and Dizzee used to associate himself with them as well. Wiley isn’t as mainstream as Dizzee, but he’s getting props from loads of people due to the fact that he’s continuing the growth of UK Garage. He doesn’t like to think of his music as Garage though; he calls his music his own genre, “Eski”, which I think is named after the “Eskimo Dance”, a garage gig that goes down in London. Wiley dropped this album about a year or so ago. He mixed up grimey garage beats with his own Eski shit to good effect.

The definite stand out tune on the album is “What Do U Call It”. He basically explains to use that he’s using the garage scene to bring his own sound and if anyone aint down with that then fuck you! This tune is a massive Garage tune and every time it’s dropped in clubs, the Garage fans go craaaazy! The 2nd release of the album was “Pies”. It sounds like he nicked most of the sounds from some old skool computer games. Another tune to look out for is “Treddin on Thin Ice”. Personal fave off the album is “Special Girl”. There’s no doubt Wiley can spit, and in this track he’s chatting bout what kinda girl he needs. No doubt that the best way to start of the UK stuff with the pioneers of garage.

Wiley - Treddin on Thin Ice

By the way, if there is anyone reading this and they think anything I am saying is incorrect or just plain bullshit, just say so. I’m just giving you guys my knowledge, if someone out there knows more, feel free discuss!

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