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That's the first thing that comes to mind when i think of Redman. Around 2000-2001, he dropped a song with the same title and I strongly believe it personifies his rhyming style. For some reason, this society endears itself to things just a little off kilter. Dennis Rodman. Murdock from the A-Team. Hell, even Will Ferrell. They've strayed from the traditional definition of a baskebtall player, hero, and comedian. My man Red is no different. He says the most random shit to raise eyebrows and is damn good at doing it. And I quote "Imma rip your eyeballs out, and put em on my kneecaps, and call you Neice."

MTV appearances, deodorant commercials, sitcoms, and even characters in video games. I guess we can all measure success and fame in how often you show up in the pop world. And judging by Mr. Reggie Noble, he's got it made. Hood Rich. Millions in assets but you still gotta rub two wires together to get the doorbell. The Hip Hop lifestyle at its finest. And with that short intro the Smoking Section brings to you Redman's solo discography. Enjoy.

Redman - Ill at Will Vol 1

Redman - Ill at Will Vol 2

Redman - Whut? Thee Album

Redman - Dare Is A Darkside

Redman - Muddy Waters

Redman - Doc's Da Name

Redman - Malpractice

In 1995, Ill Bill, Goretex, Sabac Red, and DJ Eclipse formed Non Phixion. Their style is basically summed up as b-boy gangster meets futuristic world of apocalypse. Each of the three emcee's possesses a different style, flow, and lyrical content. Because of bad deals with a couple of major labels, they are contiuning to release their music indy style as well as tour the country.

Non Phixion - The Green CD

Daisy Age you say? These cats came to the game and just brought a whole new aesthetic. Surburban. Honest to themselves only. Lyrics. I've bragged about them before but here's their debut disc plus a bonus disc with a lot of 12" singles and such.

De La Soul - Three Feet High And Rising (Plus Bonus CD)

I've got a few words to say about Human Crack In The Flesh but I'll spit them later. Right now, you just need this.

Juelz Santana - What The Game's Been Missing (Advance)

And since Christion got a little reaction yesterday, here's their latest.


Password is christion

Other Contributions


E-40_Presents_The_Bay_Bridges_Compilation_ Vol._1

Password is e40

Dirty - Hood Stories

Gucci Mane - Trap House

Turk - Still A Hot Boy

Kay Slay - Celeb Status Vol.2 (Hosted By Shaq)

After download change from .hhc to .rar

Proof - Searching For Jerry Garcia

Sean Paul - The Trinity

Syleena Johnson-Chapter 3 The Flesh

Password is bob


Password is z-ro


After download change from *.i41 file to *.rar to extract

Last but not least, Juan reminded me that today is the anniversary of Tupac's death. We'll try to do something this week but you can read our previous entry "I Might Not Change The World..." by clicking the link. The musical links are down but the video is still up.

Note - Filefront shitted on a lot of old links...again. Don't blame us, blame the powers that be. If there's anything down that you want, email us and we'll try to help you out.

Big ups to LouiePo and Dally for their contributions today!

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