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"It Is Better To...."

"...remain silent and be presumed a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."


I love that shit.

Use it on somebody, watch it sorta seep thru their brain for a sec before they realize what you just said to them lol.

But see, on here, I have to speak. I have to give you my opinion. Otherwise, why would you come here and read?

I risk being ridiculed, made funny of or basically just sayin some old dumb Perot/Dubya type statement.

Yeah, I know some of you bums just want the music lol. F*$kin leeches lol...j/k.

But there's a small percentage that wanna hear opinions and thoughts on the music. Others want to hear me espouse truth about life because they know I'm a noble sage.

I try to keep it brief.

I try to keep it honest. That part is real hard at times because I'm not the most open person you'll meet.

But, I've learned that honesty endears more people to you than some bs, show persona.

And if don't say something, it gets boring.

To quote my man, Muscle


*record skips

*baby Jesus cries

It's like a hooker going into a barrack full of marines and saying she's just there for the conversation." I gotta speak my piece.

It's nothing though. I don't mind sharing music and my thoughts with you.

As always, remember our slogan (in bold for a reason) - If you like this place, tell everybody. If you don't, just tell us lol.

We promised you some music early last week and despite some setbacks and the volume of music being more than we could possibly give you in one week...we're gonna try to finish it up right about here.

Since Jay got such positive feedback, here's ten albums hehe. For size purposes, we had to take out some of the cd covers and such. If one of you bootleggers needs one in particular, get at us and we'll shoot it to you.

Reasonable Doubt

The Grey Album

Roc La Familia

The Blueprint

The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse (Two Discs)

In My Lifetime Volume 1

Part One Part Two

In My Lifetime Volume 2 Hard Knock Life

Part One Part Two

In My Lifetime Volume 3

The Black Album

Part One Part Two

MTV Unplugged

As a little bonus, here's something stumbled upon...a link to all the various Black Album remixes. It's Geocities so if you know they're history, don't flame us if it doesn't work lol.

Black Album Remixes

Bob Marley & The Wailers Continued...


Natty Dread


And this might be my favorite album of them all simply because he bears his sentiments on his sleeve in the title track with a lyric like "...Cause I feel like bombing a church, now/Now that you know that the preacher is lying."

Talkin' Blues

But this might be one of the best compilations/"best of..." albums for anyone who's a Bob novice. Truthfully, you shouldn't be at this point lol.

Gold (Two Discs)

Other Music

This joint features "300 Shots" and take a wild guess who G-Unit is taking shots at. Did we mention that Mase, who might possibly sign with G-Unit, is on this track as well? I guess Jim Jones and Cam called it right, especially Cam when he spit ""A false profit, all profit/A Harlem hustler, I can't at all knock it/but you hard when you go in the Lord's pockets".


Jae Millz - Once Upon A Time In Harlem Pt. 1 (Hosted By DJ Enuff)


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